Why Strictly Come Dancing is the best TV Show

image from BBC website

It’s my favourite time of the year, it’s that time where the nights are drawing in, we’re getting in our comfies early and Saturdays are there for us to transform into a glittery dream. Strictly Come Dancing has been on our screens now for so long, I cannot remember a time when it was not on a Saturday night.

To me Strictly is the pinnacle of Saturday night entertainment.

It’s that warm cup of tea that you love, your favourite comfort blanket – it’s that show that you will always love and that love grows every year.

I am without a doubt definitely not the best dancer, and I cannot provide the strongest dance opinions, but I love to watch the development, growth and fun that the stars are having. I love seeing the celebrities transform into dancers, to provide us with the laughter, the feel goods and fill us with pride when their dance finishes and their score is provided. Let’s not even go there with the most amazing costumes and make up, the themed weeks are to die for and how hilarious the judges and presenters are (Tess, Claudia and Zoe #girlpower), the brilliant singers and musicians each week performing the most amazing songs. And finally, the amazing amazing amazing professional dancers, the ones that have come and gone, and those who are still on the show now. You are all incredible.

As the new series/season has started, I thought I would take a look back on my favourite performances that I watch time and time again (and not everyone’s obvious choices are here):


Danny and Oti 

Oh my days oh my days!!! My ultimate fave couple ever.

Honestly SHOULD HAVE WON!!! Any of their dances were just incredible, memorable and inspiring.

Click on the image to view the fantastic samba. If you go into YouTube check out their Charleston, and Argentine tango and tango and jive and ok well everything!!!

Watch here

Jay and Aliona – Jive

We will start off with a HUGE dance that I can’t tell you how many times I watched it on the night. It was a jaw dropping performance, that should have got 10’s across the board, with Darcy even stating that if it wasn’t a week 3 performance she would have given him 10!! It doesn’t matter about the week, did you see this!!! (click on image to see THAT dance)

Watch here

Georgia and Giovanni – Charleston

I love the Charleston and I love Chicago, and what a combination. I have been waiting for someone to do this song justice and this was freaking amazing. It was so in time, looked effortless and they did it again for their favourite dance. I loved their chemistry as well.

Watch here

Jake and Janette – Salsa

This shocked everyone and it came out of nowhere!! Where on earth did those tricks come from, how was this only week 2, where did those hips come from!?! There were so so so many questions!! Still a shocker to this day

p05rbbd5Joe and Katya 

The 2017 champions and absolutely worthy.

The choreography from Katya this year was just amazing. She’s so creative and with Joe’s acting background there two were a match made in heaven.

The dance I have chosen to show you is their incredible Argentine Tango were it has a brilliant move that you will have to try to repeat!

Watch their video via the image.

Watch here

Simon and Kristina – Argentine Tango

Now I maybe a little biased due to my love of BLUE, but I was freaking gobsmacked and proud of my boy Simon. This is one of my favourite dances and routines, it was so powerful and compared to anything else on the night just absolutely stood out. The ending is just wowzer.

Watch here

Lisa and Robin – Cha Cha Cha


First of all, I adore Robin and I always wanted to dance with him, secondly I loved Lisa. Being a bigger girl, it was always the ladies who were laughed at and Lisa came in and was like “I am going to show you”. I freaking loved this routine, it was fun, full of happiness and she showed everyone!

Watch here

Chris and Ola – Charleston

I remember laughing and cheering at this performance as it came out of no where. He got the facial expressions spot on, it was cheery, positive and just a brilliant uplifting dance. And hey, who could forget the worm haha!

Watch here

Frankie and Kevin – Tango

What’s going to happen when you mix one of my favourite tv shows, with one of my favourite professional dancers and one of my favourite show tunes – THIS. I had so many emotions, it was unreal. I love love love theme weekends, it was brilliant – go on make it give you feels.

Watch here

Scott and Natalie – Jive

I love this due to Scott. His character in Eastenders is this tough guy called Jack, who loves a bit of the ladies and he perfectly played the part in this song. I love his facial expressions and just the effort he put into this dance. Natalie is my absolute favourite female professional, I would adore to look like her!!

Watch here

Matt and Aliona – Charleston

I love the costumes, I love that Aliona has used the circus and gymnastics feel to this dance. She is such a clever choreographer. This absolutely stood out from the rest of the pack and I remembered it for years to come.

Watch here

Anita and Gleb – Waltz

What more could you want from a themed week, than one of the most iconic songs of everyone’s childhood. Lana del ray’s version of “Once upon a dream” is perfect of the Waltz. Gleb was a breathe of fresh air for the series, and still is one of my favourite performances and completely underrated.

Watch here

Katie and Anton – Viennese Waltz

This was so magical, it was so nice to see Anton with a celebrity that could actually dance!!! Anton is the King of Ballroom and to see him finally dance properly was just divine. I remember applauding when this had finished as it was bliss.

Watch here

Tom and Camilla – Showdance

This is the last one that I can think of, off the top of my head. The only showdance that really sticks in my mind everytime – Tom and Camilla’s show dance. This to me made me feel so happy inside when it came on, there were no other dances like it. Compared to today’s showdances this of course is a lot tamer, but at the time it was like wow!!

So there you have it, a snapshot of the dances that I love and still love. I would have loved to have put in more, and there are certain people who I could have put in 2,3,4,5,6 more of their dances, but I don’t want to show favourtism.

If you don’t watch Strictly, just give the few above a try and see what you think, you never know you might love it!!! 🙂 Remember you don’t have to be a lover of dance, just be a lover of escapism from your lives for 1.5 hours every Saturday, oh and of course It Takes Two every weekday 6:30 🙂


4 thoughts on “Why Strictly Come Dancing is the best TV Show

    1. Ah yeah Len is quitting ours to go to the stars full time which is so sad since he’s been on it from the start. But he’s getting old now and can’t keep flying but I’m guessing he’s offered a lot more money over there. Lol!


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