Don’t judge others by someone else’s opinion 


Something that really annoys me with human nature is the idea that people think we should like or dislike someone else because of another persons opinion.

I was told the other day that one of my negative points is seeing the good in others that others don’t see. I seriously was taken aback by that comment. I do not understand how that is a negative trait. Do you?  

I don’t understand how people can react to someone by being told by friends who they should like and shouldn’t like. Who they shouldn’t talk to and who should. Guys we are NOT in school. We are adults.

I make my own mind up as to who I like and who I don’t like. In my life I can think of 3 people I do not like:

  • My school bullies (x2)
  • A guy I lived with at uni who mentally abused my best friend

For someone to say that they do not like someone because they find them strange, I think is very odd. Everyone has quirks, everyone has their views and opinions but to press them so hard on someone else, it disgusts me.

The list above a few years ago it could have been larger, but I learn to forgive and move on in my life. But those who keep that grudge for years, I think really need to evaluate their own life. The amount of times over the past couple of weeks where I have fought the person who wasn’t in the conversations corner is ridiculous. I kept questioning why said person doesn’t like them, and each time the answer was something to do in the very past, my response everytime was “have you got to know them since? Have you talked it through? They do all these amazing things etc…” but it always gets pushed away. It’s like a stubborn black force takes over and they just do not want to know.

If people love something in which you don’t love, don’t be shocked by it as they may not like someone you love.

You cannot force your opinions on someone and for the love of God if you are forcing your opinions on a weak person, that person isn’t the weak one – You are the weak friend.

I give people many many chances and I let time heal wounds. Life is too short. Be strong to know your opinion matters, remember those with negative thoughts do not see the beauty in everyday.

Learn to love those around you. Learn to be taught by someone else’s personality.

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