My blogging pet peeves.

I’ve been blogging for a few good years now and I’ve seen some wonderful changes to this little community of blogosphere. I’ve seen the wonderful introduction of the use of more social media platforms, the more vlogging channels and the friendships that have been built. It‘s wonderful! It truly is. But there are definitely somethings that really annoying me, so I thought I would run through them and see if they annoy you too!! 

My top pet peeve is “follow for a follow” / “f4f”. it is amazing that we all want to support each other, but when you’re only doing it to boost your numbers on different social media platforms, no. I cannot be dealing with it.

The worst are those who follow you, you follow them as their instagram / twitter / blog looks amazing and a few days down the line they unfollow.

It’s just rude.

Now, in all honesty I’ll be truthful here, otherwise the words “pot kettle black” will come up. Yes this blog is inspired by a fellow blogger but the ones that irritate me are those who pretty much do the same posts as you do, pretty much all for the time!!

You are creative enough to make your own blog.

Therefore you should be creative enough to think of your own blog posts.

If you can clearly go down someone’s blog history and see the same topics that you have created, seriously think outside the box.

It could be jealousy that I’m not that organised, or it literally could be that I find it annoying. I love following new blogs on twitter, but those who have an automatic response mail via DM to tell you to follow them on all platforms….. chances are I’m not going to do it.

You’ve automatically put me off. no one wants a robot. blogging is there to be personal and bring a robot is the most unpersonal thing ever.

We’ve all been new once haven’t we? we’ve all been in a new job, school, club etc once? do we all remember that feeling of not knowing what to do, who to talk to and who can support us in the future.

I honestly don’t think we support new blogs enough. maybe it’s the fear of the unknown, whether they’re going to be better than you, whether it’s going to take up too much of your time or I dunno anything else… I can’t think of anything as I find it ridiculous .

I try to RT and follow as many new blogs as we can, and I honestly think we should follow a new blog once a day/week.

Remember those emotions of getting your first comment, like, RT and follow? they’re going through that!

We live in generation “like me!”, where we look for recognition and rewards to boost our own egos. we aim for the most likes, the most shares, the most RT and comments.

Of course when we put a blog out there we want people to do the  above, that’s how we have been brought up nowadays. But it’s the bloggers that post the most generic blog posts to get the views, it’s not personal. The blogger who is constantly sharing their post all the time. we all want to be liked, but sometimes I feel we have to step back and think why we originally started to blog.

I started to escape my daily life. I started as an outlet to help me from my counselling.  I started to bring positivity to my self subconsciously and consciously to others.  why did you start, did you start to get the most likes, the freebies from the companies?

Every blogger is unique and that’s what I love. Don’t become a robot. Don’t become a sheep.

Love those who are starting out. Support those blogs you love.

Really, this world is are modern pen pal world.

4 thoughts on “My blogging pet peeves.

  1. I think it’s important to support new bloggers. We also need to comment on blogs more often to encourage future posts. F4F is something I do if the blog that followed me first is one I want to see on my reader daily.

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