Celebrations all around for my blog!!

Hello you lovely people, it seems that I have a lot to celebrate this month with my little blog.

The start of the month really didn’t start well, I made a huge error and allowed for my family and no friends to find out that this blog existed. I hated it, but I put on my big Bridget Jones knickers and thought sod it.

Since that moment I haven’t stopped celebrating in big moments for my blog! 

My blog is growing up and has got through the terrible twos. Well done blog.

I first started this blog for having an escapism mechanism method and to release thoughts after counselling and I found it to really help me.

I love the idea of being free, talking to people I would never meet, having a passion for something and giving back positivity to others.

I just want to say thank you.

This month I reached my 1000th post on Instagram.  I adore Instagram as a sharing platform, I love seeing other bloggers photos and creativity.

I also have just today gained over 400 followers, woohoo go me!

I love following genuine people and finding little gem of accounts which are beautiful, positive and happy.

If you do wish to follow me at instagram.com/loveyouandthem.

Finally, to sum up this beautiful happy post I am happy to say that my blog has been viewed by over 67,000 people. I mean to me, that is ridiculous. Considering that these are my own views, mostly my own photos (I am getting there), and I have never been asked to do a post, sent any products in the post, I am very proud.

Thank you for following me.

Thank you for commenting on my blog.

Thank you for reblogging my blog.

Thank you for following me on Instagram.

Thank you thank you thank you.

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