Everyone deserves to be loved.

wp-1480438773059.jpgSo here’s something, the other day I was having a chat with a number of people and we were all discussing relationships etc, who’s single, who’s in a relationship and who’s married.

Now it’s coming to the point in various friendship groups of mine that they often glaze over me, when discussing about future relationships. I have seen this happen more and more even with my girl friends, and it’s a right bugger sometimes.

Sometimes I think ha ha that’s funny, yes I have been single for many years etc but then sometimes that actually really hurts. It’s kind of like they’re going, oh we won’t bother with her she has been single so long, even we have given up on her.

The other night, there were two singletons in the room and the group were discussing us. One of my friends saw on my Facebook that had have been talking to a boy/lad/man (let’s say) and I’ve been trying to keep it private for some time. Then suddenly they were all interested and honestly we just chatting at the moment, then mid way through many saying “I hope you get a boyfriend soon”, one blurted “no I don’t think so, I hope …..insert name….. gets a boyfriend before her”.This person was deadly serious.

I mean, kick a girl when she is down!!!

It really took me aback and made me think, yes of course the other person should find love, but why should someone find love over someone else?

We all deserve love, we all deserve happiness no matter your size, shape, height, ability, race, and sex.

What do you think?

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