30 day blog challenge.

Hello!! and hello again haha!

So I thought I would give myself something to do over the next 30 days. Starting from today the next 30 days includes, Christmas,  new year and my birthday .  Therefore I thought it would bring a great look at my life.

I have created the below 30 day challenge taking from various other posts, and I would love to see you do it as well!!wp-image-53725155png.png

As you can see the days are rather varied and some may be very truthful.  Others may be more exciting to read and others lol may just pass by. But I need an incentive to keep going and I hope that this gives me the opportunity.

The below links will be added daily (these may alter)

So here we go:

Im quite an easy person to get along with and rather laid back, therefore I’m quite easy to win over….but then sometimes not haha!!

  1. be positive

I cannot be around negative people for too long, it not only brings me down but it just brings everyone around you down. Positive people bring more happiness in your life, they provide you with more memories and if you’re with someone positive surely they will help you mentally, physically and emotionally.

  1. make me laugh

If you can make me laugh then that’s it. You will calm me down, you will make me feel safe and you will make me trust you.

  1. get on with my family

My family mean everything to me. We are close and if you don’t get on with my family then that’s a big no.

  1. get on with my best friends

Girls talk, girls tell each other everything. Just remember if there’s been an argument or a new relationship, 9/10 times those words have been written and edited by a very girly WhatsApp group. They will always be there for me and we have each others backs. You need to get on with them.

  1. trust

Nowadays in the technology age, I think people always remember so consumed in their little world in their hands, and sometimes we forget what’s around us. Trust is a huge issue. I have male friends, you must trust them. if you have female friends, I trust them.

So that’s day 1 done.

Here’s to the next 29.

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