Day 5 blog challenge: my fears

So yeah I’ve failed already, I’m already a day behind so you’re getting two in one lol.

This is a bit of a weird blog category my fears, as I feel that this is not only going to be really honest but also scary to admit.

Fears are so personal, so why not make them public hahaha….. oh God.

Here we go!:

I think one of my biggest fears is to not be loved. You have the love of your family and friends which is one of the most strong love connections that there is, but the love we all crave is the one we all fear to lose.

We love to be loved don’t we? we love that feeling of being wanted, we love that feeling that you feel special.

But that fear of:

  • Not having love
  • Falling out of love
  • Being refused love
  • Falling and not being loved back

We’ve all been there haven’t we? we’ve all had those thoughts of not being good enough? the second guessing, the long thoughts at night, becoming single and thinking that forever you will be single.

One of the biggest things I do to calm down is to look up, whether it’s to look up at the clouds, or the stars. It really makes me forget my worries, and how small my fears are.

The escapism is perfect. The fresh air. The cold breeze. The silence and the idea that someone else in the world is doing the same.

It’s so calming.

So if you are facing your fears…… sometimes go for it, take a step back and look up .

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