Day 6 blog challenge: my horoscope, Capricorn 

I think this is going to be my oddest post yet, it was on the list to do and to be honest I don’t know what to write for it haha!

Here we go!:

Every year we sing happy birthday down the phone to each other, it’s so cute.
Anyway, as I was born on the 5th of January I am a lovely Capricorn girl. Now when looking online for the traits of a Capricorn person, I swear I am not one.

I love this and I do believe that it is true. Calm, I am pretty much a very laid back person and I go with the flow but if you do give me a task to do and you’re slow, I will get impatient. haha!! Ambitious, I can be ambitious when I find something I love doing. Once I do I put my heart and soul into into the. Patient, I know I have just said that I am impatient but I am also very patient in certain aspects of my life, I don’t have the drive to really go for something, what happens happens. Reliable, I am very reliable. I will always be there for my friends and family (although I will probably be late for something along the way). Disciplined, I am a stickler for sticking to the rules. They are there for are reason. I remember when I was younger my mum always used to say I was bossy, but that’s because it had to be right for whatever reason. Careful, I am careful and considerate with what I do. I am careful with what I say incase it upsets someone. Loyal, much like reliable I am very loyal to those who are loyal to me. If I do not trust you, you will have a hard time getting on with me. Resolute, I do often have a very much “fuck it” attitude and if I’m being told what to do, what to say or what to watch…. I won’t do it. I will want to do what I want to do lol! which defeats my disciplined side haha! Independent, I think I could quite happily live alone haha I am very independent in my ways, I like to do my own thing often. Stupid things like haha girls going to the toilet on groups, I can’t be arsed with that. haha! such a bad example.

Now us Capricorn have got a bit of a reputation for being stern and quite bolshy .  I have seen this post quite and bit and honestly I agree with nearly every single point.

Being ignored, when speaking in a group if I have to listen to many others and then I speak and I get ignored. No, I hate that. Standing too close, there’s such a thing as personal space lovely people. I get a bit worried when some random person is standing too close (maybe it’s my generation). Repeating myself, one of my absolute biggest pet peeves, repeating myself to someone. I find it so frustrating especially when you tell someone the same thing 3 or 4 times. I’VE TOLD YOU!!! Unannounced visitors, when I was little I used to hate visitors coming around haha its like get out of my home. Nowadays I don’t mind haha pop over. Being second guessed, when I say something I mean it. why would I say something to please someone? why would I lie? The rest of this list is pretty much self explanatory.

So from starting this post I didn’t know what I was going to write but I did it! I am still a bloody day behind on this blog challenge. The next is, a problem I have and have overcome… oh God!

Anyway fellow Capricorns, hello! It’s nearly our birthdays!

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