Day 7 blog challenge: a problem you had and have overcome.

This is a tough one, I had a few examples as to what I could have chosen to focus on and the one I have I hope it maybe give someone else some oomph to help them.

Fear is a strong word but that’s where my strength came from. A problem is only there if you make it a problem, if you stand up to that problem, it goes slowly away and you become a much stronger person.

I became strong. So this is what happened….

Here we go!:

I am a nice person, and I like to treat people with respect, give people their dues and second chances. However there comes a limit in where I cannot take anymore.

I stood up for not only myself mentally but also my best friend against her mentally abusive boyfriend. Unfortunately we all lived together and no one was standing up against him, and I had enough of the vile words he was saying to her, how he acted towards her, his violence and his attitude towards women.

She self harmed, took an overdose and made herself sick after every meal. Yet he still continued. None of us could leave unfortunately, it was an awful time.

But I had had enough. why should anyone put up with it? Just because he is a man, why should he say and do those things?

I shouted at him like I’ve never shouted at anyone else before. I was so stern with my words. I was brutally honest. He was taken aback, he argued back at me but he had no valid points. He was shocked that someone had stood up against him, he didn’t think that anyone ever would, but in the end he was only going to get worse.

I remember going back in my bedroom, and thinking what the fuck have I just done? have I made it worse? what’s he now going to do? I felt and was physically sick, I was crying but inside I was so proud. Afterwards, of course he got more bolshy in his ways, but each time he said something vile I wasn’t silent anymore.

I just didn’t care.

I remember thinking there are people out there who don’t have a voice, who cannot fight back. we all couldn’t escape, but he didn’t have a go at me because I stood up against him. He gave me looks, but each time I fought back.  I thought I am not going to have you belittle me like you’ve done to others.

Whenever I feel weak, I think back to those months of hell and I know I can get through things. That guy thankfully is now out of my life. He has a kid and a girlfriend, and all I think and hope is that she is happy.

It’s amazing what we are all made of when we need to be strong.

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