Day 8 blogging challenge: Someone you miss

Thank you so far by the way to be sticking with me and my 30 day challenge. I know the last blog gas touched accord with many people, I hope that it’s helped just one person.

Today’s post is all about who I miss. I find it very hard to let go of someone when they go out of my life, whether through location reasons, end of a friendship, relationship or passing on.

But this was the easiest blog post to write, as I still think about this person everyday.

Here we go!:

This is  beautiful Nan. She is and was my favourite person on this entire earth…..(great im already welling up). I love this photo of her as it sums her up, she was cheeky, kind, considerate and just beautiful.

She made me laugh every time I spoke to her, she made me proud to be her granddaughter everything I saw her. I just loved being around her.

Her name was Jane and she is a very strong, lovely Scottish woman, who loved her family very much. The mother to my wonderful mum and auntie, nan to me, my brother and my cousin.

Here she is on our last Christmas before it all went wrong and my world turned upside down.

I remember it was a few days before her birthday in October 2011, where we were told she had oesophagus cancer and I just remember crying so so much. How dare something like this happen to her, how dare someone hurt my nan, how dare they!!

My poor mum was going up and down the motorway so many weeks over the next couple of months, but she passed away 3 months after finding out she had cancer..

I cannot comprehend how I felt, I cannot tell you how much my heart sank. I had to tell my brother and still to this day, I can see my brother running towards me at his work after he just saw me. I haven’t cried like this since.

Here is my lovely nan holding my mum and my mum holding me. I love the similarities.

But as I’ve said before, please love your grandparents.  They looked after you and they looked after your parents, without them you wouldn’t be here.

Cuddle them as much as you can, tell them I love you. If I could turn back the clock I would say it again and again and again. She was my rock through some of my hardest times at uni.

I loved her. I love her.

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