Day 12 blog challenge: 5 things you wish you could say to someone, but you can’t. 

So what if you could say it all, without the feeling of guilt afterwards. 

I love this type of blog post, I’ve done it a few times and it’s great to get off your chest. 

Here we go!:

1. Dear you, I am done with my feelings for you. I have moved on. I cannot keep thinking that something may happen. Looking back, I find it highly alarming how you would flirt and try to kiss me when you know full well your girlfriend loved you with all your heart, when I have said to you I’m not interested as you have a girlfriend. Go back to being unhappy with her, as I am happy with my life. 

  1. Isn’t life weird, when you’re so focused on someone you cannot have, the person that will make you smile most in years has always been there.  Nothing may ever happen between us, and I’m absolutely fine with that, but I am so glad that we are talking. It’s so odd to think when we worked together all those years ago, then we would end up loving so many of the same things, make each other laugh every day and talk until we fall asleep. I like the fact that only a few small handful of people know we talk. It’s weird isn’t it? But we just click.

3. Do you remember that night just over a year ago, where we were having such an amazing night in the pub? Listening to each others relationship problems, and I explained and we both agreed well… you stated first that no relationship should get in the way of our 10 year friendship.

Well guess what, you’ve broken that. I’ve seen you once in the last year and a half since your engagement.  I start conversations but never received anything first hand. It’s so disheartening as we used to be ever so close. She’s the first girl in our friendship that has done this.

4. I am so proud of you and who you have become. You’re a single mum raising one of the most beautiful, charismatic little girls around. She adores you so much.

I hope in a few years time that she will see what an amazing mother you are. You’ve gone through so much in the past few years, you’re such a strong person.  And that absolute *£€¥ of a “father” is a low life human, who doesn’t deserve the love of your little girl. You’re amazing and I love you. He will not break you.

5. I absolutely would love to talk to my Nan one last time. I would love to talk to her to see how her day was going, what’s happened in my life, who I’ve lost and loved and just for her to make me laugh one more time..there’s nothing better.

So there you have it.

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