Day 14 blog challenge: what’s in your bag

Firstly I want to wish all of my readers the happiest of new years!! We did it!! We made it through 2016. I do hope that many of you now have a lovely stonking headache and enjoyed celebrating in style.

Now back to the actual blogging, you know when I said that this would be a 30 day challenge? You would think it should be completed within 30 days, let’s just say…. this should be finishing on Thursday haha slightly behind. So I am taking this challenge as I do with reading a book….I take my time.

Today’s blog challenge, is what is in my bag! So here we go:

Here is the contents of my bag (minus the glitter, although that is now my new years resolution- for my life to involve more glitter!).

I didn’t want to include my bag, as it’s just a plain black over the shoulder bag, not really exciting.

Let’s have a rummage:

Rimmell match foundation –2 in 1 skintone adapting concealer and highlighter. 

I love this little product as it gets into all of the grooves of the skin. It’s easy to use, adaptable and a nice little product to keep in your handbag. When I do my makeup properly, it does last for some time but if I want a quick touch up then it’s perfect for those damp spots.

Primark super matte liquid lipstick – 01

I adore adore this shade.  It’s a subtle pink nude shade and it really is one of my favourites.  I actually tried the ‘Maybelline -Vivid matte liquid -50 nude thrill’ and I was highly surprised by the difference. The Primark version has a stronger pigmentation, lasts so much longer, has a quicker matte effect and for a fraction of the cost. I would recommend it highly.

Makeup Revolution lipstick -Rose Gold Chauffeur
Strangely I have only had this for about 1 week but it’s now one of my favourite lipsticks. The pigmentation is not strong, but it gives you a light pink nude touch. It isn’t a matte but does not have a high shine to it either. At only £3 it seems a bargain to me!


Haha no real description needed to be honest.

Green noisy putty

Yes this is probably the strangest thing you are going to see in a handbag post. There is a reason behind this haha but it’s difficult to explain. Let’s just say a private joke between me and a male. God that makes it sound so dodgy!

Batiste dry shampoo – blush 

Everyone should have this product in their handbag I believe. It’s necessary for those moments where you’re feeling eurgh and need a spruce. However, I would adore Batiste to do a mini version in the cherry version. The cherry version is definitely my favourite, the scent is the best and not too overpowering.

Ted Baker body spray – floral 

Before I talk about this spray, I really wish that Ted Baker didn’t get rid of the other products that were popular. There was a pink spray similar to that shown, I bought for years  (name of it has gone out of my head) and then it disappeared. So I bought this one and luckily I quite like it. Sometimes when I forget my perfume, I am super pleased that I have this spray. It’s perfect for the handbag, fresh scented, lasts for hours and it can be found in the handbag selection section of superdrug/boots. Perfect.

Vera Wang – Princess 

I adore this scent, it’s fresh, delicate, sweet and you honestly do not need a lot of spray for coverage. The bottle is beautiful, you also have a little crown on top of the stopper which is even cuter. This particular perfume comes up in the sales often, so if you don’t want to pay full price take a look around.

Maybelline – the colossal volume express cats eyes

Ultimately my favourite ever brand of mascara. I’ve tried so many other mascaras and it just doesn’t live up to this. The amount of volume you get, length and how black the mascara is, I think quite frankly is amazing. For the price you really get the real deal. As always I always forget to buy the waterproof one, as my eyes see this version and just aim for it straight away.

Mitchum 48 hour deodorant

Best deodorant around. It’s really effective and lovely scents too.

My glasses

These are my new glasses, I have them in blue (as you can see above) and red. I haven’t had new glasses in 9 years so I thought fuck it and bought them. They are from the brand Roxxy.

So there you have it. My bag.

Happy 2017 people.

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