Day 15: what makes me happy

Hello lovely readers, so first of all…. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY week (5th Jan)!!!!!!!! I am of ripe old age of 28. Yes 28, I did think that my life would be very different right now, but hey that’s life.

Today’s blog is all about happiness and what a great day to do the blog as I am feeling extra happy.

Happiness is a feeling, a thought, a smell, a memory and a sensation. If you can think of one happy thought a day, it really does help.

So here we go:

My main happiness in life is my family. For those that know me they know that my family mean everything.  I am known to drop things for family days out or meals. We only have 1 family. We only have these parents and siblings. We do forget that as we are growing older, so are our parents. Don’t forget all of those laughs, these memories make you and create your personality. I know some families don’t get on but families can also take shape in other forms.

Family is everything to me and I cannot wait to have my own one day.

Talking about extended family members, my best friends are the bomb. I was thinking the other day that all of my absolute closest friends throughout my life have either been blonde or red-headed. I have 3 wonderful close brunette friends haha but I do honestly think that there are differences according to hair colour.

I wouldn’t change my friends at all. We’ve benefits through so much, we talk almost everyday.  That poor WhatsApp group, God knows what we would do without it or if it was hacked haha!

Of course one of the happiest things in which we have to be grateful for is the fact we are still here. So many people’s heart breaks due to people passing, we must live each day to the fullest. Say I love you to those you love, say thank you, smile, be happy and just be humble. We’re all here for a reason. We could make anyone’s day without knowing.

Honestly, I could get lost in the stars. I love to stare up at the night sky. I find it so relaxing. I love in the summer to just sit outside my window and stare up. It allows me to forget about all my worries, my thoughts and fears. We’re so small in this world and we’re all under the same blanket of scars. Someone else is always in a worse off position, someone else is leaving this world, but someone else is coming to life, someone is having their first kiss somewhere, and someone is getting married.

Life is happening. Live life. Love it.


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