Day 17: What I like about the opposite sex


Firstly, before I start this blog post you will see that my little blog has had a redesign. Yay yippee!! I am hoping that this will fix a lot of issues, easier to use, you may search for different topics and get to know me more. Also my signature has changed too!

This is a bit of a weird topic really, haha I was and still am trying to rack my brains as to what is good about the opposite sex. It’s not like I do not have a list at all, I do but it’s not as long as I would like (hahaha ooh innuendo). I will really try NOT to come across as sexist, as im sure someone will say, but these are innocent comments.

So, as always here we go!:


They are pretty darn good at hugs aren’t they? They know just when to hug at the right time, they are very comforting and they make you feel safe. I think its a masculine thing where they can surround you and that is your comfort zone.

Make me laugh:

A lot of men make me laugh, I find them very funny either when they are trying to be or not trying to be! If you make me laugh, then you’re onto a winner with me!

They want to look after you:

Men have and always been throughout history have the need to look after us ladies. I like the idea of being looked after, but also independence. But the thought of a male backing your corner or looking after you is a great feeling. Whether that is mentally and physically.

Their passion:

Men have a lot of passion in something that they love, whether that is sports, work, drinking lol or another hobby. I like that their passion brings them together and they have their own little nicknames for each other.

They don’t really grow up:

I know a lot of people moan that men don’t really grow up, but sometimes I quite like it. Depending on the personality, you don’t want a complete child haha but a bit of cheekiness here and there is good.

They can be the best of friends:

I have a few best male friends in my life, and honestly sometimes they are better than the ladies. They are not judgemental, they are honest, they make you feel well…exactly what is above. You need to have 1 male best friend in your life, I promise you. There are no dramas (well……. apart from jealous insecure girlfriends).

They are all not the same:

I am bored of reading that all men are the same, they really aren’t simple as that. They are all individuals just like us ladies. They all have hearts, feelings, emotions and personalities. You may have found the wrong one for you, but that guy could be the right girl for someone else.

So, there are my points….. rather generic haha but hopefully you agree.




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