Primark super matte liquid lipstick review 

Hello you gorgeous people. Been stumped on what to write about lately and then like a little lightning bolt, I thought hang on let’s write about what I love.

First of all, these beautiful lipsticks have been in Primark for a good few months now, but now I can’t find them. Which will absolutely break my heart when I run out of them. **update theyre slowly coming back!!!

I love a good matte liquid lipstick or just even matte lipstick and I have yet to come across any as good as these! Come and see my reviews, also pre warn for selfies!

So here we go:

This is the shade “01”, it has a peach type colour to it, with a natural look I would say. In all of the photos you will see like the above today, I am not wearing any makeup so you can see the skin tone.

What I love any about these lipsticks, is that they go on glossy and are super easy to apply, then leave it about 30 seconds and they dry. They don’t smudge or move, you hardly have to top up.

This is the first shade I bought, and as much as I love it, I don’t wear it as much as I should anymore.

Here’s a normal photo of me wearing it:

The lighting is slightly different in the photo above, as it’s gone from day to night haha but you get the jist. Ps adore my makeup in this photo hehe.

The newest addition to this range is shade “08 Kiki”, and honestly my least favourite. Maybe I’m not brave enough to really try the dark shades, but I just feel like it’s not for my skin tone. As you will see this shade needs a good few coats, and you can still see it on the top lip that it’s setting.

It’s a bold statement to make wearing this, and I applaud all of those girls who wear this shade of makeup.

I think if I had more confidence to wear this, I would definitely try it on a night out, this is not a day lipstick especially for me!!!

My ultimate favourite shade is “03”. Seriously if anyone can find this shade, please DM me and I will pay for you to send it to me. I’m running out and honestly my local store is only selling the Kiki one!!!

I hate the colour Red, I do not own anything red but oh my God this shade is amazing. It’s so pigmented, strong and I receive compliments every time I wear it. Which haha is always amazing to hear.  It lasts for so long and I just love it.

Here it is in a recent lovely selfie haha!! I love it. I wish I had the courage to wear it more at work, but I’m forever wearing it at the weekend.

This is much new day time shade, this is “07 kendall” haha I’m wondering  whether Primark was trying to go down the Kardashian route? 

Much like the natural “01” shade, it’s great for day time wear. It has a slight purple tint to it, which just gives it that extra oomph.

I honestly place a bit more colour from a lip liner for example to make it pop out, or put a smudge of the above lipstick onto the first shade. 

Again we are going from day to night, but you can see the purple tint to the above lipstick. I love it as it really goes with the natural look, and again I’ve had compliments wearing it.

The most different shade of them all, as you can see it doesn’t have the matte effect, which is very odd. It also has glitter running through it. A much darker shade than the red lipstick, with a more maroon colour shade to it. Number “04” is great to use for a top up to such shades as Kate MOSS 107 from Rimmel (which I’ve found a new love for again!).

As you can see its a much darker shade than the red lipstick, however it’s best as a seasonal lipstick, much like the Kate Moss 107 shade. It does give you that glam look, but I’m unsure of the glitter effect.

So, there you have it my review of this range.

Please however if you are in Primark and see the red one, and see quite are few people email me!!! I want some more email –

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