Have I ran out of love for blogging?

Hello you lovely people, it’s me, yes me, the one that hardly blogs lately.

I realised the other day that I haven’t blogged in nearly 1 month now, weird to think considering I spent nearly 2 months blogging daily.

But it’s not that I have don’t have the passion to blog anymore it’s that I’ve got so many ideas, thoughts and feelings, I honestly don’t know where to start.

As usual, let’s break this down – here we go:

Taking a step back and thinking about what’s happened in the past month it’s been a lot. A lot to take in, a lot to figure out about myself, about others, and about my life in general.

I’ve realised that people can drop you just like that, I’ve realised that I seemed to have built up this reputation that really isn’t me and I’ve realised I need to change.

I need to be more me…

I need to be more free…

So blogging is coming back, they are going to be seriously heartfelt, some very truthful, and some that will be silly. But that’s just me.

Bring it on.

Ps I’ve got an interview for my job tomorrow and I’ve gotta chill the fuck out.

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