20 facts about me.

So the other day the lovely Giovanna Fletcher put up a post detailing 20 facts about herself that no one else would know. I thought hmm i one need to get back into blogging and secondly this would be a great thing to do, as I want to be as honest as I can.

Here we go: 

  1. I talk to myself a lot, and have arguments or discussions that I would like to have with others, but are too scared to. Most of the time I win haha. I think it’s healthy to talk out loud, otherwise you will kept thoughts to yourself all the time.
  2. When trying to explain myself and I’m under pressure I get my words mixed up in a jumble. I know what im trying to say,  but I can’t seem to express those thoughts.
  3. I judge others by my own thoughts,  if someone where to say to me “I don’t like her/him because of…. or don’t talk to them because one time they…”. I will make up my own mind, too many people are on their own in this world and you shouldn’t be friends with someone because of someone else’s negative opinion.
  4. For all my life I haven’t been the person who has been the friend I between relationships. I then grow feelings but because they then see me as a friend, I’m too cowardly to say those feelings before they get with someone else.
  5. Number 4 is the reason for point 5 and 6, I love to see others in love. As I’ve always been the friend and the coward, I’ve always said “you two will be amazing together,  but I’m saying inside “please like me!!”
  6. When someone does like me, I just block off. As I’m not used to it and I’m used to someone coming to me with their relationship troubles, I find it extremely weird, and will find things to put me off someone and tell them about which girls they should be (see all linked)
  7. I have quite a lot of illnesses, polycystic overy syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypermobility, thoracic outlet syndrome, ibs to name a few.
  8. I always give someone a second chance, and sometimes more. Everyone makes mistakes I life of course, but sometimes you need to draw a line.
  9. I’m getting bored of nights out now, I love the idea at the start of getting all glam, the pre drinks and all the photographs. But, as the night goes on i just get bored to be honest.  I’m not that much of a big drinker anymore.
  10. The most i have felt  comfortable with my body was just after I was unwell at uni, and I was a size 14. I myself cannot imagine me being back that size again, I would love to and I know I would have more confidence in so many aspects of my life, but I just have no idea where to start.
  11. I used to love sports, I used to be the captain of a netball team, played rounders, badminton and then I just gave up as others were better than me, which kinda sums ups my life.
  12. I would absolutely adore a boy as my first baby. I think as I only know of 2 little boys,  and all the rest are girls, I just love the idea of a little boy.
  13. I cannot stand confrontation and negativity. When someone doesn’t listen to another persons point of view, I just do not understand it.  If I absolutely believed in something I would make my point and let the other person states theirs and I would often try to find a compromise.
  14. I’ve noticed later in life I, love to follow the rules and I am bloody stubborn when I want to be.
  15. I find it really hard to let go of people. They have to do something horrid unfortunately for me to not like them.
  16. With that there are only about 4 or 5 people in this world I’m not keen on.
  17. My mum thinks I’m not one to love the idea of love,I squirm at loved up people on telly and hate shows like don’t tell the bride & say yes to the dress ( i mean they are ridiculous) but I can’t wait to get married.
  18. I have quite a few friends on my life that I talk to often, and have known them for 10+ years and have never met them.
  19. The moon is my favourite thing ever. I love when I’m stressed, feeling lonely, missing someone or just wanting a bit of escapism, I just look up at the moon and I feel fine. No matter where you are in the world,  someone else is looking up at the moon, the person you’re missing is under that moon, your stress is not that big compared to how small you are on this earth. The stars are just beautiful.
  20. I wish I was more confident to wear the makeup I wear in photos, dress how I want to dress and act a hit more truthful. Although I do like it when people are shocked when I am abrupt.

There you have it 20 facts about me.

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