Rimmel Insta fix product review

Hello you gorgeous people!! I’ve had a few weeks off to get back to my positive self yay!!

Anyway enough about me, this post is about the products above. Firstly I love these products and I have gone back to them time and time again . 

Insta fix & go

I am in love with this product, it’s lightweight , doesn’t ruin my makeup and it lasts pretty much all day.

I’ve had lots of compliments lately as to how my makeup stays fresh looking after hours of partying or being at work, and each time I answer it’s all down to this product .

At £6 it’s a great price. Currently got two of them as in worried that they’ll stop doing it haha.

A quick spritz and honestly you’re set for the day.

Insta fix & matte

There’s nothing I love more than to not be shiny.  I have oily skin so if I can find anything to help me to not be a flitterglobe I’m all over it.
I’m really into translucent powder at the moment and it really helps your makeup set, especially if you’re now within the hotter months.

Insta fix duo contour stick


** a new addition to the blog.

Bought this little beauty as it was new to the Insta fix brand and I HAD to try it. The lovely Insta fix duo contour stick. I bought the fair to medium shade and it’s a lovely little addition to the brand.

The highlighter shimmer in the light, whilst the contour side has a great pigment. Easy to use, quick, simple and perfect for the handbag.


As you can see there is a definite shade difference to the highlighter and the contour side of the product. In the light the highlighter is a lovely pearlescent shade, shimmering in the beautiful sunshine ( which is all you need really). The contour has a bit of an orange time to it, which is great for those under the chin contouring haha that I regularly have to do!!

Wake me up foundation 

To be honest anything that is going to make me look more alive in the power, I am going to love. With a slight shimmer in the foundation, it just gives you that extra zing.

What i also love about it, is that it has spf 20 and vitamin c induced which is a bonus.

Anyway there you go.

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