Quick engagements, what happened to waiting.


IMG_20170723_195743.jpgIs it just me or are people getting engaged quicker lately? What happened to going out for a couple of years and then becoming engaged?

Am I too old fashioned?…..

To me, to be engaged is a beautiful step in a relationship. You have been going out for some time, you have gone through the honeymoon stage, you know your partner in and out. You want to make them feel happy when they are down, or to comfort them and celebrate them when they are happy. You know their strengths and weaknesses. Surely you know when it’s ready that you are okay to be with this person you love for the rest of your life (hopefully).

Maybe I’ve watched too many romantic comedies? Maybe I have seen many of beautiful friends marry their loves after years and years of dating? Or maybe it’s because I just haven’t experienced that type of love.

I know a few people now who gave got engaged after being together for 6 months/under a year.

6 months, that is NOTHING. I don’t think I would even fully trust a new friend after just 6 months .

Please say it isn’t just me that ¬†thinks this? Of course, I am happy for my friends getting married but I’m always careful of what I say. To be honest, I am still careful of those who have been together years (Only if I have hardly met them).

Maybe I’m just too over overprotective.

What do you guys think? Do you think I am mad in thinking this? Have you got engaged after being with someone for less than year and a half?

Love to hear your thoughts .

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