10 things I learnt about growing up 

I am getting to the stage in life where either most of my friends are engaged, married, going to have babies, are parents or going through relationship breakups because they haven’t lasted since the start of their 20’s. I am in my late 20s now, and it is a bit of a strange age, for me personally I still feel like im 21 and it still feels as though I left Uni last year and not nearly 10 years ago. It made me realise what the hell have I learnt really, and what I could have said to myself all those years ago.

1. Choose your friends wisely.

The friends you have now are the most important friends that you will ever know. They will be there through thick and thin, through the happy times and the sad. Your friends may not be those from school (they probably won’t be), but they will come from all walks of life. I have a small circle of friends, they range from different areas of  my life – work, school, university and friends of friends. These friendships have formed over time. I have come to realise as well that friendship isn’t based on how long you have known them but how much you do get on, it does not matter what their ages are, but as long as they make you laugh and smile.

2. Relationships come and go.

You really do realise that relationships are either what you want or what you don’t want. You will go through stages (if single) of thinking my god im getting old I will need to get with someone soon, or if in a relationship – how far will this be going? Is this really what I want? Only you can decide as to what you want in life, you can receive all the advice that you can get from you friends, but it is down to you at the end of the day.

3. Family means everything

We forget that as we are getting older, so are our Parents and Grandparents. Take time each day to say I love you, take the time – just 5 minutes to maybe write a letter to your Grandparents to thank them. Don’t spend forever on your phone, listen to them, have a conversation and learn. Learn about your family history, learn about your Parent’s & Grandparent’s favourite music, book and films. Your siblings that you used to fight with, you will become stronger with and you will realise that you are both turning into your Parents – which is very strange!!

4. Let it go

I have realised that its a lot easier as I am getting older to let go of the things that are making me sad. Why should I hold onto something or someone who is making me upset or feel sad. Why should I hold on to a “what if?”, and I could be missing out on something or someone that could make me happy! Just learn to let things go that you have no control over, there’s no need for extra stress in life.

5. Understanding who you are

You need to learn who you are as a person. You will know as to what you believe in, what you strengths are and what your weaknesses are as well. You will know when you need to speak up in a discussion, when you don’t need to express opinions and what does not interest you. You will learn what you strongly believe in, what you want to fight for and  how to help others. You will see people for who they really are and what you can do to help others. The issue is, it takes a while to get used to you. It takes a while to be confident with yourself. But you can do it!

6. You can’t do that!

Unless it’s illegal, if someone says you can’t do that because it doesn’t make that person happy, do it. Don’t be pushed around by someone because they have different beliefs than you. If you want to wear that outfit and feel comfortable in that, if you want to wear that much make up, if you want to wear no make up, if you want to learn a new hobby – do it!! If it makes you happy do it!! Life is too short!

7. Clubbing vs Pubs

I swear when I was 18-21 I thought clubbing was one of the best things to do on nights out. To go out with all of your friends, not a care in the world, dressing how you want to dress – to be glam, wearing those fake eyelashes, fake tan and drinking all of those £1 drinks lol, I thought I was going to do that till I was well – I don’t know what age lol but longer than 26. But nowadays I really prefer pubs.  They’re intimate, you can hear your friends talking, you can still laugh as much as you did in the clubs, you can still take those silly photos and still have the best memories – plus you don’t have to pay £10 to get in!! Clubs to me now become a chore, you can guess what music is going to be played next – the fratellis chelsea dagger then the killers mr brightside, the agony of high heels, how expensive drinks are and the feeling of being crammed in a small room with some man randomly touching your arse. No thank you.

8. Liar Liar pants on fire

You soon realise that you know when people are lying to you, especially when you know the truth. I swear women should all be investigators because we find out so much. You learn to understand different personalities, how people react when found to be lying and learning that the truth is more important than hiding behind a lie that could explode.

9. Age

“I’m sorry are you 12?” I seriously said this last night…. to bar staff. I never thought I would say that haha but I have got to that age where I cannot guess what people’s ages are nowadays. They just all look young, hello grandma alert lol. I guess along with relationships I never thought I would think when I was younger I would want to be with an older man, I mean everyone has limits but  I always thought I may be with someone only a few months older or younger than me. Now as I have gotten older, age is just a word – personality counts more.

10. I am still learning

Each day I am still learning about myself, learning about others and learning about the environment that I am in. There will never be a time when you do not learn about the things around you. Never stop learning and educating yourself.

10.5 You are lovely

No matter what you think of yourself you should be happy. Whether you are size 4, 10, 16, 24, sporty, curvy, thin or large – you are bloody beautiful. Don’t listen to others who may bring you down.So there you have it, wonder whether you think the same as me.

As always,

7 thoughts on “10 things I learnt about growing up 

  1. This is such a lovely post! I can definitely relate to most of these and I’m 20! I always take time out my day to talk to my parents and grandparents and I’m already way over the clubbing stage! It was so lovely to read, so thank you 🙂
    Georgia x

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