Primark instagirl intense liquid lipstick review

Hello you absolutely beautiful people, I hope that you are well.

As you know I love a lipstick, and I do love Primark cosmetics. You may or may not have read my previous Primark super matte liquid lipstick review if not, please go have a look, I really liked those and I was super happy and excited to see that they had a new range out.

I thought I’m going to HAVE to review it now! So here goes:

I’m going from top to bottom from my first photo. This is probably my favourite shade, it’s the “It Girl” shade and comes with the beautiful lip liner next to it  (when I say together, you pay separately lol).

I think it really works well with my skin tone, it’s not too strong and it still gives you a slight nude affect. It definitely helps if you have lip liner, as with 2 of the other shades you’ll see later, they are not that defined.

The lipstick itself has a glossy texture to it, not too sticky but could do with some more adjustments. I do prefer the matte texture, but a bit of shine is ok sometimes .

To me, this is perfect summer lipstick or bridal.

The second of the lipshades is “selfie”, a more lilac shade with tinges of pink and natural colours running through .

This would be my 2nd favourite of the lippies, simply because reminds me of the “07 Kendall” shade from their matte line.

Haha now you will see a theme through the next 3 shades, I cannot seem to lip line properly haha!! So I’m so sorry.

Anyway, as you can see the shade is lilac/natural which is perfect for during the day and potentially in the evening. For me personally I would love a slight but more pigmentation but otherwise I’ll be using this again.

This is also the 2nd of 4 that have it’s own lip liner, which I find great!

The 3rd of the lippies is the most nude shade. I’m not too sure on it. Again, comparing it to the matte version “01”, it needs a bit more pigmentation for me.

The best thing about it though is the shine/gloss, for me the matte one is too dry and this one is perfect for the  “I’m not wearing makeup look”

Here’s a lovely little close up of the lippy. You can see that it has a more nude/peaches shade. For me, it’s lovely for the autumn nights, bit of warm chocolate and scarves. Perfect.

Biggest downfall from Primark is that there are no lipliners (unless it was just my store)

Finally the last shade, the classic red. Pretty in a photo right?

Not so pretty on.

This is the biggest fail of the collection. Its weak in pigmentation, it’s sticky, it went all over my teeth and comparing it to my absolutely favourite lipstick from their matte collection, it fails big time.

Honestly, this photo above has roughly 6 or 7 layers of this lipstick on, whilst the others had the one (not even joking).

If I were to wear this out (which I probably wouldn’t), id add lots of lip liner on top. Again, Sorry Primark but no lipliner? Really? For the red shade there absolutely should be!!

So there you have it, sorry for the selfies haha (not). Hope you liked the post.

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