Don’t forget to say I love you, everyday. 

We are so busy nowadays, with the pressures of work, having the best fashion, looks, the best body and the perfect relationships that we forget about those people who love us no matter what.

No matter where you have gone in your life, where you’re going and what you want to do, your grandparents are there to support you.  They’re there to teach you, to guide you and of course love you unconditionally.

But what we often forget, we forget that as much as we are growing up, they are growing older by the day.

When I found out my hero, my Nan, was not going to be with us, I wanted to spend all the time I could with her. Then I had a thought, you know they say memories last forever, much like photographs, well how about recordings!

I know it sounds super silly, but I am currently listening to a recording on my phone I did of my nan, mum, brother, me and my dad having just a normal funny conversation over 6 years ago.  It’s about absolutely nothing amazing, It’s just a frozen in time little snapshot of happiness. I’m instantly brought back to listening to her stories in the front room, I still laugh to this day what she says, and I still feel like she’s here with me.

What I also love, when my music is on random my nan will suddenly pop up inbetween the music I’m listening to. It calms me so much and I can guarantee she is never skipped haha.

I know I know I know it sounds super weird, but honestly if you do remember secretly record even the most mundane conversation with your grandparents, as memories do fade but by hearing their voice I promise you, the love you have will grow more as those thoughts fade ❤

Hug your nan, say I love you to your grandad and most importantly say thank you and I love you to them and your parents!

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