My not so perfect life – Sophie Kinsella, book review

Hello you beautiful people, I hope that you’re okay!

So this is a first for me… a book review!! For anyone who knows me, they know that I am not a book worm. I would never choose to buy a book and I’m not one to sit in a corner reading, it’s just not me. I honestly cannot remember the last time I read a whole book, maybe GCSEs – I mean that was near 13 years ago!

But I thought fuck it! I had a lot of travelling to do over the last few months and I thought let’s buy a book. When buying a book, I really do judge a book by its cover. I know you shouldn’t but I thought to myself when I saw this book “this looks like the book for me”.

For the last 2 months (yep 2 months I’m a slow reader), I have read this wonderful book every morning and afternoon on the bus. Escaping from those around me, I was transfixed!

The story made me laugh, believe in love, believe in myself and think “you can do it!!”. I also love a bit of revenge.

What made me love this book even more was how spooky it was to my real life. You know sometimes they say that life imitates art, well this was a bit too close.

The main character is a lovely girl with little self confidence called Katie, but she liked to be called Cat. She’s from a small village, dreaming of her big exciting future in London working for a digital team. She lives with a crazy guy called Alan who loves website design and has a unique manager (let’s say).

Life is good for Cat but she always wants more, she is looking for love, she loves to have fun but doesn’t have enough money and her family are her life. Her Instagram is a portal for her to channel her thoughts and feelings, whilst she has so many ideas that she feels no one is listening to.

But by the end, she gets everything she deserves. She has the happiness that she always wanted. She seeks revenge and gets justice for those who do not have a voice of their own. Shes proud, couragous and someone definitely to look up to. The last few chapters, i honestly wanted to sit back and be in the book watching it all unfold – haha you know, with popcorn going “Go on Katie!!!”

Oh, what’s also spooky (I’ll tell you why later) she gets replaced by a girl from Corby.

Why this book is spooky?

  • My name is Cat
  • My real name is Catherine but that’s only for my family, much like Katie’s
  • I work for a digital company
  • I work with an Alan who loves website design and is VERY like the Alan in the book
  • I long for all the things she wants and gets (flat, london, man, happiness, confidence)
  • Lack of money but not ambition
  • Loves Instagram and uses it as a channel to say what she’s thinking  (aka Instagram and blog)
  • I am from Corby.

I was absolutely gutted when I finished this book. Honestly I fell in love with the characters, I’ve built up the image of what these characters look like (especially dishy Alex and the “evil” boss, Demeter).

I will definitely by buying more Sophie Kinsella books, I’m hooked! Can’t wait till pay day! Please go and buy it. You will love it.

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