My favourite matte lipsticks

I don’t know about you, but I love a bloody matte lipstick. I have never been a girl who likes a bit of shine, don’t like shine on my eyes, lips, hair (bloody oily) or anywhere else. That’s why I fell in love with matte lipsticks a long time ago.

I’m so glad that nowadays there is more variety with matte lipsticks, whether they be the normal lipstick, liquid lipstick or “gloss” stick, there’s a choice for everyone.

What I thought I’d do is show you my faves, the photo above is only a selection of my faves, but I’ve picked a few just for you. Oh and by the way, all of my choices are pretty cheap (I’m not a high market brand type of girl). Enjoy!

Maybelline – Supersray matte ink in shade 15 lover. 

This my lovelies is my absolute favourite at the moment, it has a beautiful heart shaped wand which gives amazing coverage. The pigmentation is gorgeous, the shade is a lovely shade of pink and is not overpowering. What’s also great is that it has a lovely sweet/candyfloss smell to the ball, and it lasts for hours… like hours!! It’s not sticky, doesn’t feel thick and it just gives you that extra pop!

Rimmel London – Kate Moss matte lipstick shade 107

An old classic but a goodie, from my newest favourite matte lipstick to my oldest favourite. This lipstick is a classic, a beautiful red postbox colour, that is super creamy, lasts for hours and is just a great little number to always have, especially coming into the autumnal/winter time.

Primark cosmetics – supermatte liquid lipstick 03

One of my favourite shades this year, and I’ve already raved about this previously. But it’s one of my faves, it’s a beautiful shade of red which is amazing for day and for the night time too! Amazing pigmentation, stays for hours and doesn’t feel too dry.

ps if you do come across this gem, get it as it’s so hard to find nowadays!

Primark cosmetics – matte lipstick (no name)

Yep amazing name there, but literally there is no name attached. This is my latest purchase from the Primark range and it’s a gem! Firstly the packaging is amazing, you have to pop up a little button on the bottom to release, meaning that darn lipstick lid won’t ever remove itself and ruin your lipstick in your bag! wayhey!!!

Anyway, this is a beautiful pink/purple shade which is super pigmented, easy to use and just absolutely beautiful. If you want to see what it looks like fully, check out my latest Instagram post.

Rodial – suede lips big apple

This little gem was in one of my monthly Glossy Box…boxes. It’s a great little product to pop in your handbag for day time wear. A lovely nice little shade of beige/neutral  (never a sentence I thought I’d say). The pigmentation is nothing spectacular it’s just a great find.

If you haven’t checked out Glossy Box, if you click on this link you can get discount on your first purchase. I promise you it’s worth it!

Revolution makeup – iconic pro lipstick- liberty

When I saw this product firstly, I had to buy it for the colour. It’s amazingly bright, which is perfect for a night out or those summer days out. Although it advertises itself as a matte lipstick, which it is, for me it has more of a gloss matte feel for me.

It does provide moisture to your lips, which is always great at this time of the year, and for a few quid this is a great bargain! Especially if you love bright colours.

Revolution makeup – retro luxe – royal

I don’t often wear dark dark shades of lipsticks, to me for years the darkest was the Kate Moss 107, oh how I was wrong.

I love this shade, it’s powerful, makes me feel confident and not too dark where my skin just looks ridiculous! It stays for hours, as it’s bloody hard to get off the lips! Easy to apply with a thin wand, which is great to get those little bits on your lips. This also comes with a beautiful lip liner, so definitely worth the purchase!

Revolution makeup – retro luxe – echelon

Another from this amazing series of retro luxe, is the lovely echelon. As you can see it’s super matte texture is the perfect look I am going for. It has a lovely pink hue to the product, but also giving it enough neutral for day time wear. I just wish that in the photo above I used the lipliner that comes with it haha!

Definitely go and buy it!

Primark cosmetics – matte liquid lipstick – no name

Firstly what’s with Primark not giving their product names, haha it’s hard to tell you which is the correct product. Anyway, this lippy is still available in the shops, its super easy to use, cheap to have everyday in your purse and doesn’t make your lips too dry.

I have added this to my list of favourites as it’s up there for ease of use and simplicity but I wouldn’t go buy a number of them .  If you’re looking for a starter shade, go for this!

Maybelline – vivid matte liquid lipstick – nude thrill

This product is the strangest of them all, as you can see they market the product as being “nude”, but as you can see it is more of an orange shade. the wand holds a lot of liquid, it therefore makes the application quite heavy and thick. When applying you’ll need to make sure you’re fully concentrating haha! The product itself definitely does not dry your lips out due to the moisture.

Much like the last one, although I am showing this as one of my faves, it is and it isnt. I wanted to show you a range of matte lipstick choices.

Primark cosmetics – Insta girl intense liquid lipstick – selfie

Guess what, only this one and another to go whoopee!! Now, I have spoken about my love for the new range if liquid lipsticks from Primark before, so I won’t keep you long.

A more lilac shade to my collection, which a tinge of pink. Lovely shade whuch ca go from day to night. When this dries properly, it has a great matte effect which can last a good few hours .

Primark cosmetics – Insta girl intense liquid lipstick – it girl

Yay you made it to the last one! I am ending this lovely post with my 2nd fave liquid lipstick, which in my eyes if very similar to the first photo from Maybelline. There is not much difference, apart from with this product the wand is thicker, straight and gloopy. But the positive is, it comes with a lipliner.

Again this has been reviewed before.

So, there you have it, all of my favourite matte lipsticks. I am always adding to my makeup collection, so I am sure I will be doing another one of these soon.

Have a lovely day and…

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