Happy 4th birthday to my blog!

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to my blog
Happy birthday to me!

MY lovely blog is 4 years old, it’s gone through the terrible two’s and tricky 3s and now it’s starting to get it’s own character.

I love blogging. I LOVE the idea of being free, being creative and just saying what’s on my mind. My blog was started originally as I was going through quite a shitty time in my life, and I used it as a diary of somewhat. I wanted a way to express my thoughts, opinions and love without being judged . Its my safe haven.

I therefore created my own little world! In this world, I hope to share as much positivity as I can, to share the love and hopefully help people.

I have had the best conversations with many bloggers, who are just absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE learning about people’s lives, their thoughts and amazing to read their favourite past-times.

I may not have collaborated with any businesses, written any advertised blogs or paid for any post, but today I reached 73,000 views!!!! So not only is it this little blogs birthday but it’s reached a milestone too!

I love how I have grown, I look back on previous posts and think oh dear god!!! But that’s how you grow, you adapt and learn to love what youre doing.

I thought I would share with you my favourite moments:

These were my favourite blog posts  (apart from those above):

There you have it, my favourite blog posts, my happy memories and I look forward to making so many more.

Thank you again for reading, subscribing and sharing  ❤ kisses all around 💋

Ps if you’ve ever wondered why my blog is called loveyouandthem have a little read of this.

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