2017: Happy memories

2017 has for me been an ok year, nothing drastic negatively has happened, it’s all been ok and pretty positive. I thought instead of focusing on the upsets I would focus on the good times in 2017.

Let’s see what happened:

I love my girls little girls. They mean a lot to me, they bring me a lot of happiness, overwhelming feeling of pride and they let me forget all of my troubles.

They’re all so different, with their unique characteristics bringing me a new memory every time we meet up. I love that I can see my best friends through them, I can see their traits, their little quirks and I love how strong they all are.

Fave memories:

  • The little one turning 1
  • Having a new little girl to this mini friends group
  • Them calling me aunty cat
  • Always making me laugh

What we need in life is a super strong group of friends around you, and I have these 4. My best friends, my girls, the loves of my life. They have been my support network this year. They have been there through the good times and bad times.

Fave memories:

  • A new baby is on the way
  • A new girl was born
  • One finding out who she truly is
  • Laughing a lot on nights out
  • Lots of shots and making memories
  • All those late night chats on group messages

My childhood friend got married this summer and it was beautiful – yes I cried. I was anxious going on her hen party, as I had only met her friends on rare occasions and they are all best friends. I definitely felt like the outsider. But it was great!! We spent the day in London, being pampered at benefit, singing until the clock stroked midnight and just having a proper giggle.

The wedding itself was magical and one of my fave weddings I’ve ever been to. It was just beautiful, full of life, love and laughter.

Fave memories:

  • Making cocktails in rev bar
  • Karaoke
  • Bloody taxis
  • Seeing my parents drunk dancing
  • Feeling a lot of love in the room
  • Laughing a lot!!
  • Being at the top table with the family.

Onto the second wedding on the year, the beautiful Jen and Jay got married yay!! As you can see she made a gorgeous bride!

I loved her hen do and was excited to go. We went to Birmingham for the night and it was a lot of fun. There were lots of drinks, giggles and of course embarassing dances.

Her wedding was wonderful, like a fairytale and was just beautiful.

Fave memories:

  • Drinking and dancing the night away at her hen
  • Colleagues very drunk at wedding
  • Seeing her amazing dress
  • Believing in love.

The third and final wedding of the year (yes these all happened in the space of 1 month!!). My friend Andrew got married. It was a lovely family day, where this particular group of friends could get all dressed up .

Fave memories:

  • Dancing and being silly
  • The photobooth

This year I changed jobs. I was stuck in a job which made me feel so incredibly sad, angry and I was just fed up. Luckily this May I joined fulltime this amazing lot. I’ve had only 1 day where I didn’t want to go in, I’ve enjoyed each day, laughed, sang a lot and felt proud of what I’ve done. I really enjoy working.

Fave memories:

  • The bad singing
  • Introducing competition hoopla
  • So much laughter
  • The teamwork
  • The lunches
  • All of the thank yous.

Best night this year, hands down. I freaking love Ru Paul’s Drag Race and i got to go out to my brothers work and see Alyssa Edwards. What a night it was!

It was my first experience of going to a “gay” night, there was colour, glitter, confetti everywhere. So many drag queens and I freaking loved it. I also had never been on a night out with my brother before and it was hilarious to see him drunk.

Fave memories:

  • Seeing Alyssa in real life lol
  • Singing a lot of drag songs
  • Seeing my brother drunk
  • My brothers drunk dancing
  • Not giving a fuck what I was doing

WOOHOO we met the amazing Joe Lycett. For years my family have been comparing him to my brother haha and mum introduced them it was embarassing hahahaha.

He was absolutely lovely and very tall!

2017 I have really focused on my family and where I have come from. I moved down to Kent when I was 5 and although I have been down here longer, I still feel that my hometown is my comfort.

Here are some photos I took this year over the various times I stayed with family and family friends.

Fave memories:

  • Walking through the village at 1am staring up at the stars
  • Laughing with family
  • Warm fuzzy feelings

My family mean everything . Yes we may bicker, we may argue but we do make each other laugh.

I can’t possibly chose my fave memories with these 3 as there are so many.

But please remember to say I love you everyday.

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