What I have learnt about myself recently.


Hey you lovely people, I thought I would write a post about learning about yourself. Learning what you like about yourself, what you stand for and how you can develop as a person.

Someone’s personality can either happen in a single night, a week or over the course of a year. But a lot can happen in a year, and from what you learn you grow . I therefore thought I would take you through the year and maybe you might take on board somethings…


I think that this is the biggest “thing” that I have learnt about myself . I have learnt my worth, whether that be in my friendship group, home life or work life.

I know what I am worth, I know that I deserve better and I know what I want. I have become stronger with my thoughts, I have stood up for myself more and I have learnt to not give a shit.

Of course, this comes at a price of people being shocked at my response whether through expressions or words but I just don’t care. I love to stand up for others when someone else is being horrible, I love it when I prove someone wrong. But, most of all I love standing up to people in power and making them rethink how they talk to others.


Following on from that, someone this year (no names) stood over me whilst I was talking and jumped down my throat. At the same time, said person was slapping their head shouting at me. All because they didn’t want to listen, but they knew they were in the wrong. Like a child. I simply was calm, spoke how they spoke to me and then they listened.

I am fed up of people talking to me like shit, therefore if they’re going to talk to me like it, i will talk back to them like it. Why should someone be rude and disrespectful to someone else to get their own way.

I saw a quote the other day and it said “I’m nice as fuck, but if you see me being a bitch to someone they deserved it”. This is absolutely true. I will help anyone out or try and make their day positive, but if you piss me off then you’ll know.


I am quite a laid back person, I listen to other peoples opinions, i let people say what they want to say and I don’t really argue.
But, what I am sick of this year is people forcing their opinions down your throat. Whether that be through politics (zzzz), life, relationships, money or friendships – I want to hear but I will not be dictated to.

I know of people this year, who have pretty much forced their opinions on people down my throat. I am absolutely not the type of person to change my opinion on someone because they don’t want to be their friend anymore. I have a few people like this in my life, and I will not stand for it. Every person even in friendship groups have different relationships. This to me is exclusion and I will not stand for it.


MOST of all what I have learnt this year is:

  • Be myself
  • Be strong
  • Be unique
  • Love your confidence
  • Be happy with your friends
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Be proud
  • Have courage
  • Be kind
  • Love your family

Love to all, thank you for following, commenting and liking.

5 thoughts on “What I have learnt about myself recently.

  1. I hear ya! This has been something I’ve struggled with, and you are on point with the comment on becoming stronger with your own thoughts because that is where it starts. Feeling empowered within yourself, bearing the self-worth so you can foster an internal resolve and respect so that it leaves you no choice but to fight for your corner, from your corner. Happy 2018! You are awesome πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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