Love your grandparents, they’ll always love you


Grandparents are super special aren’t they? They’re the ones that brought your parents to this world, they the ones that raised your parents with lots of love. They’re the ones that pick up the pieces when your parents need 5 minutes, and they’re the ones that give you treats when your parents say no and give the best hugs.

No matter where you have gone in your life, where you’re going and what you want to do, your grandparents are there to support you.  They’re there to teach you, to guide you and of course love you unconditionally.

But what we often forget, we forget that as much as we are growing up, they are growing older by the day

My grandparents

My Nan (mums mum) was my absolute world, she was there for me when I was down, when I was happy and looked after me when I was young. When I was at uni, she was only a bus ride away which I loved. As a little girl I used to always remember we would have Irn Bru ice floats and watch Casualty. She was and still is in my eyes one of my favourite people ever. She would always brighten up the room and was loved by many. To this day it breaks my heart thinking about that day, I’m not going to repeat it but if you want to read here’s the post.

I have lost my Grandad and Grampa too but my Nan really affected me. I know it’s a horrid thought but the day my other Nan (dads mum) passes will be awful. Me and her have a connection, we share the same birthday and that will never be taken away.

Unfortunately my other Nan (dads mum) is now terminally ill and has cancer in her lymph nodes, around her ribs and her groin. Shes deeply unhappy and has decided that she does not want to have any treatment and it’s so hard to cope with that. But youve got to learn to respect it. Heres a recent post about my thoughts.

Ways to remember them

When I found out my Nan, was not going to be with us, I wanted to spend all the time I could with her. Then I had a thought, you know they say memories last forever, much like photographs, well how about recordings!

I know it sounds super silly, but I am currently listening to a recording on my phone I did of my nan, mum, brother, me and my dad having just a normal funny conversation over 6 years ago.  It’s about absolutely nothing amazing, It’s just a frozen in time little snapshot of happiness. I’m instantly brought back to listening to her stories in the front room, I still laugh to this day what she says, and I still feel like she’s here with me.

Recently I did this with my other Nan, and I have a recording where she is singing “You’ll never walk alone” and another where she is in fits of laughter. It’s the little things. ❤

What I also love, when my music is on random my nan will suddenly pop up inbetween the music I’m listening to. It calms me so much and I can guarantee she is never skipped haha.

I know I know I know it sounds super weird, but honestly if you do remember secretly record even the most mundane conversation with your grandparents, as memories do fade but by hearing their voice I promise you, the love you have will grow more as those thoughts fade ❤

This is my beautiful nan and my mum. My nan holding my mum and my mum holding me. Haha can you spot the family resemblance.

Grandparents aren’t just your mum or dads parents, they’ve been there from day 1 too. They’ve seen you grow up, go through the emotions, make memories and given you the best advice.

This is a quote that I share every year on the anniversary and I think it’s so apt.

So after reading this, please go and say i love you to your grandparents. If you have a single grandparent that you don’t see often, go and ring them. If you see an elderly person, say hello it could make their day. Remember you could be just like them when you’re older.

Also whilst you’re there, say thank you and I love you to them and your parents!

As always…

5 thoughts on “Love your grandparents, they’ll always love you

  1. I have only one grandparent left and he is 92. I have only one great-aunt left too. All my much older relatives have passed. I know I am grateful for all my older relatives have done to help me in my life.

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