Revolution Makeup – ‘Fast Base’ foundation stick a real review

Hey everyone, hope you’re well. Now, I love a new affordable makeup product and for the first time in a long time I have bought a product that has so much hype around it.

The new Revolution Makeup ‘fast base’ foundation stick, had so many good reviews on Instagram and Twitter and I honestly thought I had to give it a go.

I love Revolution Makeup, and I have quite a lot of their products ranging from concealers, eyeshadows, primers etc therefore I was super excited for this newbie to their collection.

I originally bought their new concealer in shade C5. The conceal and define concealer is great but I definitely prefer a matte finish.

I knew that my shade in the concealer was c5, as soon as I knew the foundation was on sale I went and ordered the F5 and the darker F11 for contouring purposes.

I was super excited for it to come and after a few days of waiting (as you could only order online at that point), the day had finally come and they arrived!!

Good points:

So before I get to why I am writing this post, let’s go through the good points:

  • Price – it’s an amazing price at £5 a pop
  • How easy it is to use – honestly when they say fast base they truly mean it.
  • Opacity – is it thick and really covers your whole face in 3 or 4 easy swipes.
  • The range – I haven’t seen this much of a skin tone range in high street makeup in a very long time.

Bad points:

But unfortunately, maybe it was me being naive however the F5 made me literally look like a 2000s orange teenager, you know those memes you see where the fake tan has gone wrong!!!

You would think that the concealer and foundation numbers would be the same, but the shading was so different.

If you are to get this for the love of god get the shade less than the concealer number.

Here’s proof:

As you can see that the F5 is quite orange compared to my skin, whilst the F4 is much paler. There’s such a difference between the shades so please be careful when buying.

Wearing it throughout the day:

One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to try this product is because of idea it covers your face easily, and the reviews were amazing. However, I wish I didnt…

My skin, did not appreciate this product. Now I’m not the type of girl to keep makeup in my bag throughout the day to do touch ups, unfortunately I had to take powder with me when wearing this. The foundation made my skin so oily and shiny, it looked very cakey (fyi – I didn’t change my routine from my previous foundation choices) and I felt so conscious of my skin.

To the point I wanted to take my makeup off. I mean I could have easily taken it off with my finger as it was that oily lol.

Now, as I said it may just be my face as it seems a lot of people love it. But I will be going back to my previous makeup choices.

But for me, and as much as I bloody love this makeup brand – not for me.

8 thoughts on “Revolution Makeup – ‘Fast Base’ foundation stick a real review

  1. Ugh!!! Unfortunate!!! I ALMOST bought this today, too!!! I ended up getting a “Model’s Own” that was on clearance, sooooo…not really having high hopes about that one either at this point!


      1. Ah! Thank you so much!!! I will be sure to b*tch about it if it doesnt! hahahahaha 😛


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