A sunny day out

Where I live we have a number of events throughout the spring summer seasons which celebrate living in Kent.

Rochester is known for its various festivals; sweeps, dickens, the Santa run just to make a few!

A few weeks ago we took my Nan on a day out to the sweeps festival. The sweeps festival is an annual tradition full of music, dancing (Morris dancing especially!), family friendly fun and the odd costume and psychic/witches.

Here’s just a few photos from that day. Ps how adorable is my fan!!!

So today was Dickens Festival, which celebrates the life of the amazing write Charles Dickens, as he lived in and around the area. The day was jam packed full of family friend activities.

Firstly we saw a little play on the streets showing an adaptation of the brilliant book Oliver. The three adults were changing characters often and had quite a large crowd!

Throughout the day many people were dressed up in Victorian era clothing. The dresses were amazing and considering it was about 24°C/75F they totally needed a round of applause. Their clothing must have been so heavy!

Here are some photos of the day, the scenery was that of Rochester castle and cathedral. The sun was beaming down, there was a fun fair, cider and bbqs were all around. That’s all you need in life!

Throughout the area, there was acts taking place detailing various plays in which Dickens had created.

As the sun was beaming down, me and mum sat at the local Costa coffee and has the most incredible watermelon and coconut ice cooler. Honestly if you haven’t tried it, please do!!

Walking back to the car, we were getting super tired due to the weather. But spotted a dodo (As you do), some men in segwayed hot air balloons and a lovely musical performance. I went live on Instagram for this, so if you did see it lol what a treat (!).

My favourite costumes definitely had to be Fagin from Oliver and Ms Havisham. Brilliant cosplay, the makeup was very good and yet again in this heat!!

After a lovely walk in the heat to the car we ended up bloody exhausted but just enough time to take a photo at the top of the hill, looking down on Rochester and Chatham.

If you get the chance, next year definitely visit Sweeps and/or Dickens Festival. I can’t wait for the Santa run later this year.

For now, have a great day! Enjoy the sun. I’m off to get some aftersun as I’m totally feeling it!!!

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