Sleep paralysis – scary stuff


We all sleep in different patterns, positions, times and all have different movements throughout your sleep, some may wake up with the slightest noise and others have heavy sleepers, but what if you couldn’t move if you heard or noise or you thought someone was in the room with you. That’s what I have had a number of times in my life.

I have done a bit of research and found that it is linked with sleep paralysis, and dear god do not google the images as its rather scary stuff – well especially if you don’t like horror movies!!

Since I was little I have always gone to sleep with the covers covering my ear, I think because my Dad told me that the witches would come get you – haha evil Dad alert (he’s not evil by the way). But that’s nothing compared to how I feel when this overcomes me.

The best way to describe it is – you know when you’re somewhere and you feel like you’re being watched, well I have that when I am sleeping, it feels like a very dark and evil presence and they are bent over me watching me sleep.

This “dark figure” takes over my dream that I am having and I feel the room going cold, and I just freeze. I physically cannot move out of being scared and kinda like you’re not wanting to move to show you’re there. I sometimes have to force myself to move, to even get out of these thoughts. This “thing” sometimes I feel like it wants to pull down my covers, sometimes it feels like it wants to hurt me. But all throughout this time, I just have to think to myself – nothing is going to hurt me, nothing is going to hurt me.

The main feelings are, someone is watching you, they are over you, they are breathing on you, they are crushing you into your bed and that you cannot talk or scream out! It happens for a good few minutes, but those few minutes can feel like forever.

To get myself out of it, I really just try and take my mind off of it, think of happy thoughts, try and see any light I can in the room, try to think of warm thoughts too – as the sudden feeling of cold comes over me!

It’s an absolutely horrible thing and after I move myself, it takes me ages to get back to sleep afterwards.

It’s so hard to describe it to anyone who has not experienced it before, but I cannot count the amount of times it has happened in my life. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Many people have different ways of over coming this, whether they follow what I have mentioned before, getting more sleep, not eating certain things, having a stress free environment or speaking to a professional. I am sure your method works best for you. Since first blogging about this particular issue, I have found more of my friends suffer the same. It seems to be a condition in which people are scared to talk about, as they are so personal and the paralysis really can vary from one person to another!

For more information about sleep paralysis check out the NHS website.

Here is the link for NHS information regarding Sleep Paralysis as well –

Hope that this clarifies what it is.

Sleep calmly xo


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