Dear me, here is a letter to future you


Hi future me, it’s past me here.

I’ve come across this idea of writing you a little letter/ post to give you some thoughts and ideas for future you.

Next year you will be 30, if previous past me (you know the stubborn teenage me) could see you now, she would definitely be like:

  • Why haven’t you moved out?
  • Why do you not have enough savings?
  • Why are you not married by now?

She would be flipping out. Now, I don’t know how things will be between now and next year one of those may happen, well to be honest only one of those things could happen. So, how about we write down some points to see whether you can tick off some of them:

  • Be happy with yourself
  • Be happy in your job
  • Be comfortable with your body
  • Be more confident with dating, you can be loved
  • Save money regularly, it’ll be worth it
  • Know your worth
  • Stop buying unnecessary things
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Say no more
  • Say yes in the right circumstances, especially if you feel comfortable
  • Visit Glasgow
  • Say I love you more, especially to your Nan she isn’t very well at the moment
  • Be open
  • Learn more German
  • Find a new hobby or learn more makeup skills

Remember it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the following:

  • A flat
  • A car
  • Thousands of pounds in the bank
  • A child
  • A relationship

As long as you have those who you love around you, you’re set.

Its a long list I know future me, but hopefully you can tick off at least half of them!!

You’ve got this shit. I believe in you.


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