Music and my emotions

Welcome to day 5, can I say now that I’m already finding this challenge difficult and I’ve got 26 days left. Fuuuck. Lol.

Anyway, music… What an absolute joy. It gets you through the good times, the break ups, love, happiness and the sad times. Music can make you dance in so many ways, give you confidence and can also make so many memories.

This is a long post… sorry. I have missed out film scores as I could go on.

Ps if you see an image it will link to a video where you can listen to the music

Simply red – first memory

My first memory I remember in my life is me dancing and singing in my nan’s living room to Simply Red’s – stars.

It will always have a place in my heart.

Simply Red – Stars

Spice Girls – childhood

I remember when I was little me and my friend used to make up dance routines to steps, sclub7 and spice girls in the front room, it gave us so much joy.

The Spice Girls are an amazing example as to what music can do, they started a generation of girl power and sometimes I do feel that they are the reasons why there is still so much girl power around now. To me they summed up what a girl should be:

  • Independent
  • Sassy
  • Full of friendship and love
  • Confident
Listen and watch the ‘Say you’ll be there’ video

The Spice Girls to me are happiness, they are my childhood. But moving onto my teenage life, I had eyes for one band only and that was Blue. My boys as I like to call them, I remember meeting them when I was older and I turned into my teenage self again lol.

Blue – early teens

To me Blue are my early teenage years, yes their lyrics can be a bit more risky but hey Spice Girls were telling people to put condoms on in 2 become 1.

My room was covered in Blue posters, to the point I don’t think I saw my wallpaper for years lol. I wish I have a photo to show you, but oh dear god it would be embarrassing.

Blue were my first concert, I remember it to this day where my auntie bought me tickets for Christmas. Me, her and my mum went to the concert at Wembley and she kept saying “go to the front, go take a photo!!” And I did, I remember shaking so much as I was so nervous to see them close up. To me they were my idols, I am sure many teenage girls could relate to One Direction (although Blue were not as big lol).

The other reason why I bloody love them, they love their fans. When my dad has his brain injury I was tweeting and I wasn’t tweeting the band, and Simon privately messaged me and said really kind and positive comments to me. It really did pick me up. 💙

For some reason ‘If you come back often makes me cry lol and I’ve no idea why.

Tap the image above to listen to if you come back

Calvin Harris – 18

Mr Calvin Harris was just starting to become big when I turned 18. Clubs were a new experience for me, and I still to this day remember the first song I heard when I went into a club.

Calvin Harris, Acceptable in the 80s.

I remember that feeling so well of thinking:

  • Wow this is amazing
  • So many people are dancing
  • This is a great song
  • Give me alcohol.

Still now, I can be transported back to that night and who I was with. I still remember that this was the start of something new and the start of really being independent.

Ps hasn’t Calvin Neville Longbottomed up!

Uni – What a time

Honestly I don’t know which piece of music to show you for my uni days so I thought I would just list them.

The music below really provides me with a range of emotions, feelings of pure joy, elation, sadness, loneliness and heartbreak.

Adele – Early 20s

Adele will always be my girl, she has got me through a lot. She has got me through many emotional drives home, where I am singing at the top of my voice, she has made me cry when I’m feeling down and she has got me feeling my sassy self with attitude.

I bloody love Adele. So may say that she is miserable but fuuuuck you lol. I love her personality, I love how down to earth she is and that she is a normal girl.

One of my other faves is Sam Smith, but I’ve already written about him before haha. Have a little read about what I thought about him 4 years ago (ps excuse the way it looks!).

Someone like you will always be my ultimate fave (oh by the way yes that is me with Adele, just slipping that in!). Someone like you will always pull at my heartstrings, I still remember that feeling after her Brits performance, where after she sang the whole crowd erupted. Just wow wow wow.

Someone like you – I still get goosebumps

Late 20s – appreciation

I have learnt that music can come in all shapes and forms, yes there will always be music I am not keen on (heavy rock and metal!) But I appreciate that people love it. I will never understand when people slag each other’s music choices off, music is subjective, it takes you back to that moment in your life that you want to remember.

My late 20s has consisted of not really listening to the charts anymore, as I am going to sound like my mum, but the music all sounds the same. But there are some exceptions, two that I want to point out are:

Jack Garratt

I freaking LOVE this man. I can’t explain his music, you will simply just need to listen to him. I really wasn’t too sure which one I wanted to show you all, but I have gone for “surprise yourself”. Please please listen to the lyrics and if you get the chance to watch live videos you’ll be amazed what he can do!

It’ll make you feel that you can do anything.

Surprise yourself – Jack Garratt

George Ezra

George is just brilliant, he is so chilled when he performs, his songs are happy and will always put a smile on your face.

You may have heard his song shotgun, casseo, Budapest but I have chosen “hold my girl”.

I love the lyrics in this song, and I think its a beautiful first dance.

George Ezra’s- hold my girl 


As i have said before, music has a lot of emotions and can help you when you’re sad but there a few that I always turn to.

Frank Sinatra

Whenever I am sad I will turn to Frank. When my nan passed away, it broke my heart and I associate Frank with her as she always said “nothing is ever as good as my Frank”

I know that Frank was played at her funeral when the casket went behind the curtains, but I honestly cannot tell you what song it was, as I have blacked it out. But I’ve chosen “that’s life”, have a listen below:

That’s life – Frank Sinatra

Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight and the Pips have only recently come into my life but I love to sing this song when I’m feeling sad or a bit of anger.

If I were your woman, I feel empowers how I feel most of the time when I think about being in a relationship. It’s a powerful song in my mind.

If I were your woman – listen here

T-Rex – another decade

Finally, if I was growing up in another decade it would definitely be the 70s and my fave band would be TRex.

Amazing songs, beautiful singer in Marc Bolan and just fab feel good music. Have a listen to “get it on” by clicking on the image below:

Get it on – Trex

So there you have it, my musical life.

I have noticed that apart from 2 bands they are ALL British haha!

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