Relaxing and chilling

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So, the challenge is going well isn’t it(!) Hahahaha!!!! I to be honest have been having quite a busy week, I have visited my University and had a day trip to London. On top of that my whole family came back from their holiday, it’s been pretty busy. With that in mind, I need to relax.

Relaxing is hard sometimes and I am currently on a 2 week break from my work, and I have loved it.

I have quite a busy job and sometimes find it very hard to relax, even my osteopath has said that I need to learn to relax more. I therefore thought I’d put together a list of things I do to relax… hopefully this may help you.

One of the biggest positive things you can do to relax is to simply go outside, and go for a walk. Whether it is for 5 minutes, 30 or up to an hour. A walk will do you the absolute world.

We get so consumed with staring at our computer screen or our phone, that we forget how amazing the world is. Go and sit in the park, breathe in the air (yes even in a busy city!), go to the local lake or listen to birds. It’s all free!! It’s the best thing to do.

I have a certain playlist that I listen to when I’m stressed and it’s an easy listening playlist. I don’t like to listen to dance music as I feel it would pump me up.

Find and make a playlist that makes you calm, that will bring you back down to this earth and to make you zen.

My playlist consists of songs/ bands such as:

  • Adele
  • Sam Smith
  • George Ezra
  • La La Land soundtrack
  • Perfectly Chilled – Ministry of Sound
  • Lana Del Rey

Now of course this playlist isn’t for everyone but they help me.

Another one of my favourite things to do is to draw and colour in my lovely adult colouring books.

They are marketed to help you relax and Zen out and boy do they.

I’ve previously spoken about my love for adult colouring books on my blog, you can read this post here.

Have you got a favourite colouring book?

I hold my hands up, I really am not a big reader but this year as part of my new years resolution I am starting to read more.

I have found that my newest author love is Sophie Kinsella. I have bought quite a few of her books lately and I just love how you can escape from life via a book. I even wrote a book review as I loved it that much.

A book can make your imagination run wild, you can fall in love with a story, a character and a dream.

I love love love driving with the window down, blaring music and just feeling the fresh breeze. It honestly relaxes me so much. I love just blasting out the music and singing super loud and not giving a shit.

Alternatively I also love driving again with the windows down, and no music so you can hear everything around them.

If in doubt, and I for some reason cannot do any of the above or I simply do not wish to leave my bed, i pop on a DVD or Netflix and relax.

My favourite shows and films to relax to are:

  • Ru Paul’s Drag Race (read my review)
  • Mad Men
  • The Good Place
  • Dexter
  • Gavin and Stacey
  • Schitts Creek
  • La La Land
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Sex and the City

How do you relax? What are your favourite things to do? What don’t you like doing to relax, does someone always tell you to do something and you’re like “THAT DOESN’T HELP!!!”

I also have a chill out zone, which is full of apps, websites and information for you to relax and zen out.

I promise I will get back into this blogging malarkey.

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