Do you miss the past version of you?

Well howdy there partners!! I hope you’re doing well? It’s my first day back after 2 weeks off from work, and I’m dreading it but hey that’s life.

Talking about life, it throws you some curveball now and again doesn’t it. Curveballs that really we should all learn from, whether it helps us grow as a person or we can help others learn to grow. Either way, as Ronan Keating says“life is a rollarcoaster just gotta ride it” (click the link and have a singsong).

Anyway, back to this blog post topic, do I miss the past version of myself? The answer is, partially. I think 10 years ago to now, 29, you honestly learn about yourself A LOT. I think at 18/19 you believe that you know who you are, what you wanna be and where you want to go in the future, but truly you really don’t.

Of course my past self will be saying things like “why haven’t you got a job in your degree?”, “why haven’t you moved out?”, “why are you not in a stable relationship?” Anbd “why are you not 10 stone?”… firstly past self:

  • I didn’t get a job in my degree as I got a 2:2, past self if you actually studied harder you could be.
  • I haven’t moved out, as it’s fucking hard and expensive too on your own.
  • I am not in a relationship because of many reasons that I can’t be fucked to go into.
  • I am not 10 stone because I’m lazy.

My past self was less confident, she would panic, double triple over think, she would be hesitant to do something new. She would not be up for new experiences lol. She would also be a people pleaser, she would go to events that she wouldn’t enjoy, she would be friends with people that she didn’t like. She didn’t really like to say no.

But over the years i have learnt a lot of new characteristics that my past self would have been proud of:

  • To not give a shit if someone doesn’t like you
  • To stand up for yourself more
  • To be more confident
  • Your makeup skills get a lot better
  • To stand up against bullies
  • To believe in yourself more
  • To be more independent
  • To say “no” or “that’s not my thing”
  • To bite your tongue more but to speak up when needed
  • To love those around you more.

Some of those may be small growths, but the rest are mountains and of course if I was to look back at this blog post in 10 years time, there would be more my future self can tell me.

Life is for learning and growing. I know that my biggest growth is to not look back, I wonder if I will achieve this?

Would your past self be proud of you?

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3 thoughts on “Do you miss the past version of you?

  1. I kind of miss the past me but if I didn’t go through different experiences than I wouldn’t have grown and not care about what others think. I know I’m only 16, but when it comes to friendships and people, I’ve learnt a lot (which may sound sad) but I’m glad because now I can tell of someone is using me or they just aren’t good people to stay with. Loved this post as always xx

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