Know who you are and own it.

Hey lovelies, I hope that you are well.

So I completely failed at the 31 day challenge, I know suck but hey tough tits. I think I got into roughly a couple of days in and thought to myself “nah this isn’t for me!”.

I thought I’d try something different to what I do, I thought I’d try something that is similar to other people’s posts. But in the end, I love to just writing from my heart and not planning anything. I am totally not the blogger to plan again, I don’t really plan my day let alone this thing.

It got me thinking, how so many of us are trying to be someone else. Do we try to be someone else because it’s:

  • Popular?
  • The “in” thing to do?
  • Peer pressure?
  • What we think others would like?
  • Or because we want to try something new?

I think as I’m coming up to gulp 30… you definitely realise who you are as person and you become more confident with who you are, who you want to be and where you want to go. You learn from mistakes in the past, you learn from loved ones around you and you adapt.

I thought I’d just bullet point how I know who I am:

  • You love sitting at home playing with makeup like a child
  • You do love an argument, but only when you know you’ll win
  • You love proving someone wrong
  • You’re not the average size girl, be confident.
  • Yes red does suit you, learn to like the colour red!!
  • You love to stay in more than going out, but greatly miss nights out
  • You want love but love independence a bit too much too
  • You suck at saving money
  • You know that you can say no more
  • You’re lazy, you don’t like exercise and definitely don’t understand people who are obsessed with the gym but you’re fine with that
  • You love being organised at work, also you find it weird that people are sometimes nervous around you when you’re just pretty much an open book
  • You really hate it when someone doesn’t thank you when you let them walk past, or you hold the door open…. you secretly love saying very loudly afterwards YOURE WELCOME!!!!
  • You’re definitely not an open book when it comes to love, open up woman!
  • You hate political arguments
  • You have a kind heart and will help strangers and give random compliments
  • You really hate metal rock music
  • You really don’t like to watch programmes if someone tells you to
  • You’re getting more confident in your looks, but realise that everyone has down days
  • You have scars, many scars but they define you
  • You can stick up for yourself more
  • You have medical conditions which give you a lot of insecurity but that’s why we are the best as we are individuals.

So if you want to go out in the brightest clothing, the most amazing makeup, the highest heels, Jesus sandals with white socks, along with pigtails (you know someone may wear this outfit), just think FUCK IT!!!!

Do what you want, do what makes you happy and comfortable. Say no. Say yes. Say how you feel. Don’t make someone else’s self confidence over power you, make it empower you. Make it make you want to be a better you.

Go and get a huge pizza, sit in front of the tv watching catfish for hours on end, in your pyjamas, hair in a bun and think FUCK IT!!!


If you were to write this blog post? What would you say to yourself?

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