Welcome to the 30s club – what I got for my birthday

Happy New year!! How rude of me not to say happy New year, I hope that you either had a fun filled evening out dancing the night away, or like me you were slumped infront of the tv, drowning in pink gin!

The new year is always a bit weird for me, and I’m sure anyone born between mid December and mid January. You seem to have everything in the space of 2 weeks and it’s just a bit chaotic.

I was meant to be born on Christmas day, however I was slightly late (I was setting myself up for my traits later in life) and was born on the 5th Jan. The number 1 of the type was Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan with the classic “especially for you” – go on have a sing song. With this in mind, being 1989 the year I turned the beautiful age of 30.

A lot of my friends are already 30 and they do say it’s the best years of your life coming up, so I’m trying to see the positive side of it, instead of the impending doom of “you have literally not got your shit together”.

So the day arrives and I’m getting quite a few amazing messages from my friends and family. It’s so lovely to hear what people actually think of you, and they have taken the time to write out a message for you. Which is worth a lot in my eyes. The day itself, I wasn’t expecting much as my family we either do birthdays big or just small family affairs.

We first went off to Creams, if you don’t know what this is, it’s an ice cream parlour which sells of course ice cream, but also waffles, crepes etc – you know, all the calories you can think of!

I chose the ferrero rocher waffle (thankfully they do not display the calories!!), it was a chocolate feast. With white and dairy chocolate, chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and of course ferrero rocher.

Ah!! So many calories.

From there, we had a bit of retail therapy where I bought an amazing silver skirt (with pockets), reduced from Β£35 to Β£7! What a bargain. I picked up some reduced make up too and gloves (bloody office is so cold at the moment).

From there we headed home and I opened up my presents. I really wasn’t expecting anything, as I hadn’t asked and I didn’t really need/ want anything either. Weeks ago I gave a list of ridiculous things that I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to:

  • Day trips around uk
  • Visit Glasgow
  • Go to London Zoo
  • Go on London eye
  • Go to see more theatre shows

Then of course I sneakily added, a flat and/or a car haha!

Present time arrived and I was shocked, so many cards from afar, my phone kept going off and the neighbour popped around to give me a bottle of prosecco!

My brother bought me some amazing makeup. He knows that I like the stuff haha, and I also like to experiment with my looks. This gorgeous Ted Baker lipstick set is beautiful and so girly. I bloody love it! I have never seen them before, but they’re gorgeous shades. I’m used to matte lipsticks, but these have a slight gloss so it will be interesting using these.

You may have seen this gorgeous palette if you follow me on Instagram (please go follow me). This lovely eyeshadow palette is from Ilamasqua. To me this is a brand that is new in my life, I think I was introduced it via my monthly beauty box and I loved the lipstick that was given. When I opened this up he looked really nervous but luckily I loved it, he was so sweet bless him and said “I know you like experimenting with bright colours so I thought this was perfect!”. So sweet and so true. Therefore please look out for new selfies coming your way haha, you can blame him!

The final gift from my brother was this very handy pack of tissue masks. I bloody love this stuff and thankfully for me, I am running out and this just came at the right time. It offers one or each of their brand, and I cannot wait to try them all!! Thanks bro.

I got these beautiful loreal nailvarnishes from my mum’s best friend, along with a red makeup travel bag which is huge. Haha she must know that I love a bit of makeup.

I can’t wait to try these out!

This, made me so happy.

My mum and dad are treating me to a mini break away to Glasgow. I’ve always wanted to go, as this is where my family are from. I love the glasweigan accent and I’ve always been intrigued as to where we come from, and my want to visit increased since my Nan passed away in 2011. I’ve kinda been dropping hints over the years, but I didn’t think I was listened to and I didn’t wanna go on my own as it’s so far away! So me and mum are going, me for my 30th and her 60th. I honestly can’t wait! I will also visit Edinburgh and see my best friend from school, again another high point.

We then went off to dinner, to a lovely new pub in my town called the Potting Shed. For once, I didn’t actually look at the menu as I wanted it to be a surprise. Maybe I should have, lol I sat down and I was like “mum, this food… I’m not keen on really anything and it’s so expensive!!!”. I really don’t like forking out on expensive things, and I found it hard that my parents were paying for this. But in the end I chose, and we had a beautiful meal, it was a gorgeous setting and if you live in Kent I would recommend going… but make sure you take enough money!

Doing something that I don’t really do, and putting my family on my blog. But they mean the world to me and these are my gang, my safe space and my support. I love them a hell of a lot. We may bicker, argue and drive each other up the wall, but what family doesn’t?

Can’t beat a bit of birthday cake can you! Lol just thought I’d pop this in. Haha!!

So there you have it, I’ve had a lot of food and a lot of gin! To be honest I don’t know how I have written this blog post but I’ve made it. Here I am with my lovely tiara and sash.

I wonder what I wished for in my birthday wish πŸ˜‰

Thank you again for all of the comments, messages, tweets it really has been appreciated πŸ’›πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰πŸ‘‘. I still have more celebrations next week and in the future so bring it on!!

Bring on my 30s where I have so much I want to achieve, but most importantly I want to make memories, laugh every day and find the positives in everything.

It’s sometimes the little things in life, but in the end they could be the biggest milestones ever.

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