Autumn, my love


It’s that time of year again, the awkward stage between Autumn and Winter season and what is a girl to do?

Around this time of year is where all the girlies and of course some lovely boys get out their extra thick woolly jumpers, their gorgeous new coats, hats, scarves and gloves and pretend to look so glamorous yet not look cold and very hot at the same time. So I thought I would put together some of the essentials which I always have around this time of year, with of course some new additions.

Cosy socks and jumpers


Nothing beats the warm feeling of an extra large layer of a thick woolly jumper, the idea where you can get all comfy in your extra large jumper (im really into buying  big men’s jumpers), all cosy wrapped up watching the cheesiest but best Christmas TV Films . The garish jumper the better, it’s your comfort dressing, it’s what you’re seeing and if anyone else disagrees with you then make them buy one and see then what they say. Make sure its fluffy, big, mahoosive lets say, wide, stretchy and of course thick. Decoration wise, if you want to go all cheesy with the massive rudolph nose sticking out or the abstract theme everything is good and the more personalisation the better!

Please please please if you are going to have a great winter purchase, buy some amazing thick socks. You know those thick fleecy socks in which you feel like you’re constantly walking around in a huge blanket with that extra comfort. Again the bigger and madder the better, but if you can stick with the winter theme it’s best.

The cosy cup of hot drink


What would you do in winter without the amazing taste of hot chocolate and of course any other drink (preferably tea!), of course you can have them in any other season but in the Winter time its just the best! If they ask you for extra marshmallows say yes, if they ask you for extra whipped cream say yes and of course anything else, but the best suggestion if they ever say “Would you like a bit of Baileys” always say yes – let the magic happen!

My favourite hot chocolate of past years is Costa Coffee’s black-forest gateau, the idea of cherry hot chocolate is just a dream and it is always amazing first thing in the morning before work as you’re walking there and dreading every step or as a treat afterwards. As well please make sure that you always have the biggest cup going and of course never ever waste any.

Cosy decorations and warm scented candles


All throughout the year I have cosy decorations such as lovely scents and super cute fairy lights in my bedroom and areas around the house, they not only give the room some much needed decoration but also the feeling of personality and cosiness which is definitely needed this time of year. Of course you can go all out and really decorate (but that’s for another post), the decorations I have in mind are little fairy lights, the ones that light up certain areas of the room. These can be hung over your bed, around your favourite photos or for those romantic moments.

Christmas candles or any type of candle being it is just a wonderful feeling, the warmth of the flame and the scent of the candle depending on the mood adds such an essence to any room. As the evenings are drawing in, it adds that little extra sparkle to any room (especially when the power goes off !!) Please as always make sure that you are aware of the flames, you do not want a fire filled room – I have been there!!

The make up and nails


I love changing my make up throughout the seasons and one of my favourites is of course the autumnal/ winter season.

I love applying darker shades throughout this season, one of my favourites is still the Kate Moss 107 finish, but more and more shops are selling gorgeous deep matte red colours, there’s some brilliant ones in Primark lately.

The darker the look I believe is more luxurious and rich looking, again it makes you look all cosy of course but there is a fine line between the colour and the “Goth” look (unless you do like the look then go for it!)

The nails I go for darker colours or more neutral colours, deep purples, oranges, reds, or even black – love it!

What are your favourite things about this season? Is it the cosy nights in, when strictly come dancing starts back up? How about fireworks night? There’s so much to look forward to!!

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