First year of being 30


It’s nearly finished, my first year of being 30 and it’s been different lets say.

This year I thought I would have a lot of shit together. In my childhood, teenage and even 20’s I thought 30 year old me would have a lot of shit together, but I don’t and I don’t think many 30 year olds do. I remember when I was younger thinking that 30 year olds do, and really we are all still looking for an adult.

Over the past year, I haven’t blogged that much as I have either, not been in the mood for it, been too busy or too overwhelmed.

Hopefully this will change in 2020. New decade new me? I doubt it.

It has been a super interesting year and one that has taught me a lot. From my fuck up at work at the start of the year, to visiting places where I never thought I would go, to celebrating the birth of my best friends little boy, saying goodbye to my Nan and appearing on national tv and radio, its been a ride.

Little did I know that ANY of the above would happen. I am so glad/ content that I was able to help my Nan as much as I could when she was alive, we made so many memories. I am so happy that I entered into a competition to appear on a national radio/ tv campaign

In the past year though I have done some blogging about being in my 30s:

If I was to learn anything from this past year is to think “fuck it life is too short”. Being 30 you are nearly half way through your life, go and take those chances, say yes and also learn to say no too. You really start to learn who is there for you, who can help you, who you enjoy your time with and who you need to let go of. Also, learn to appreciate the help that can be given around you – ask for medical assistance if you feel you need it. There should be no shame.

My 31st is on the 5 January and this is the first time in my life where I will not be able to say ‘happy birthday’ to my Nan as we shared the same birthday. I am hoping on the day that I will feel ok, but I know that I am going to feel a bit shit. I know that she wouldn’t want that, but you can’t help it.

But for those going into your 30s, I would say that you do the following:

  • go for it
  • go with your heart
  • think fuck it
  • live your life
  • stand your ground
  • say yes but learn to say no
  • appreciate those nights out they don’t often come around
  • have fun
  • keep saving.

Bring on 31.


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