Day 14 of living alone

Oh hi everyone,

What a mad time it is at the moment around the world. It’s also been a super weird time to start to live alone, and now we are in isolation period it feels even weirder when your day to day life consists of various video calls.

How are we all coping with the situation? Are we all doing well?

I thought I would catch you up with my first 2 weeks of living alone. It has been quite, unusual shall we say. I am also super glad that before we even knew about all of the madness, I have enough meals to last me for some time (not mad amounts but enough!).

So far I’ve tried to not have some sort of breakdown where either:

  • I now have to work from home
  • The coronavirus has taken over
  • I thought my washing machine was broken until my mum came around and sorted it (thanks mum)
  • My shower when turned on makes the noise if a screaming woman

I’m so glad that I moved in when I did, otherwise I’d have no toilet roll, no pasta or anything. People can you please calm the hell down!!! Seriously, the government and shops have all said that there is enough food.

Anyway… that’s me. Here are some photos of my flat:

Photo of my working from home Haha a lovely little set up using a wine rack.
img_20200315_181628_1274056906978365702429.jpgThe most obvious power socket pointing out the washing machine, it was stupidly hidden behind my microwave.  
Successfully making a coffee table at 10:30pm. No I didn’t make ay noise for my neighbours lol before you even think about commenting. 

Amazing sunset views from my window. This is honestly the best part of my flat, I just love the different views that you get at night. Trying to snazzy up some mirrors.

So there you have it, a bit of an update from me to you. I am sure that I will be blogging more now that  I am working from home.

But as always,



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