10 things that make me happy

What I have learnt about myself during lockdown (1)

Oh hi there,

I am going to start a new blogging challenge, so here it goes!

10 things that make me happy (without mentioning friends and family)

Jack Garratt

If you haven’t heard of Jack Garratt then you better start researching. I bloody love his music, I not only find his music super relaxing but at the same time you can dance your heart out to him. He plays ALL of the instruments that you hear in his songs, he is literally a one man band and I just love him. If you get the chance to see him live during isolation, seriously its a party. He has so much enthusiasm for his work and his passion.

Here are a few of my fave songs from him:

  • Suprise yourself – a song about trying to find the real you, to learn that sometimes you need to take the jump and just go for it. The video says it all.
  • Better– the lyrics are just beautiful in this, how do we feel when we need to take a pill to feel better?
  • Time – just listen to this, and dance when the horn section hits. #

Ru Pauls’ Drag Race

You may or may not have heard of a reality tv competition called Ru Paul’s Drag Race. It is not your normal competition show on the telly, its everything different to what you have seen before.

It makes me laugh, cry, gives me confidence, comfort and it’s pure escapism.

I feel like its the one show that I can put on whatever mood I’m in and I can just sit back and chill. I love the inclusivity of the show and the happiness it brings.

Make up

I will make no bones about this, but I do love make up. I am not the best at it and let alone would I Want to be as well, especially with this moon face. But to me, make up isn’t just the idea of slapping on a bit of paint, you are really creating something that maybe no one else has done before. I find it so relaxing, and each time you start it you never know what you’re going to get.

You can change the way your face looks, you can change the looks of your eyes, your lip shape, contour your face and whether you’re feeling rubbish or good I bet after a bit of make up you feel good about yourself on the inside.

La La Land

I am really unsure how many times I have seen this movie. Much like RPDR I will put it on whatever mood I’m in. It’s strange isn’t it, I really didn’t want to watch this movie when it came out, I didn’t want to be a sheep. But the first time I watched it, I just absolutely fell in love with it.

The music, the cinematography, the script and the lesson to be learned. I just love it.

The evening and night sky

It sounds silly doesn’t it, but honestly its my favourite thing in my life. The evening sky as the sun is setting, how the world is going to sleep and how it all becomes quieter. The night sky is so relaxing looking up at the stars and the moon, in the hope that you will see a shooting star. I now have an album on my facebook dedicated to my favourite shoots that I have taken of the sky. I am often known by my family to just stand or sit outside and lose myself in the stars at night.

Sophie Kinsella books

I am not a big reader, and it takes me a very long time to read a book as I need to dedicate time in my busy lifestyle (!) no seriously, I just have never been the type to sit down and read. But I have found that the Sophie Kinsella books are always the ones to draw me in. I like her characterisations, the funny scripts and of course the relativity of them all.

Learning weird things

I have a weird hobby okay, and its learning about flags. I don’t know what it is but I like to learn about them haha! I have this app on my phone and I am constantly quizzing myself on flags around the world. Albeit I am probably at the beginner stage, but I am getting there. It’s just something different to learn isn’t it but it makes me happy in the process.


I know this sounds like a silly one, but I do honestly love the radio and it makes me smile a lot. If I am feeling a bit lonely, the radio is always there. The presenters even though you do not know them personally, they feel like friends. I like how there is a community in getting involved in your favourite radio station, w whether it is a specialist radio, local radio or national radio there is always a station for you. My station is radio 1 and no not because I have been involved with them in the past, I honestly have not gone a day in my life in the past 5+ years where I haven’t tuned in.

Social media

Some may say that this is a ridiculous option to choose, but honestly, I do love social media. I like the escapism of it, I like speaking with people that I never thought I would have spoken to or found before. I like how there is s community, especially on Instagram on twitter. Yes sometimes it can be really shitty but most of the time, there’s a great bunch of people on there.

This blog

Well how self absorbed am I? Well it’s true. I find blogging very relaxing, its my area of peace, my area of non judgement, my area where I can put down my feelings. It’s a place in my little world where really a very very very small amount of people know about. It is my safe haven. It’s there for me when I want to announce something amazing, it’s there when I’m feeling blue and it’s there when I’m feeling lonely. So thank you for reading and liking.

Bring on the next 29 posts.


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