What makes you cry?

What makes you cry?

Woohoo day 2 of blogging look at me go.

Guys, I am going to be honest here, I cry easily. I swear lockdown has done something to my emotions which has put me into such an emotional state. Has it affected anyone else or am I just being pathetic? I always feel like having a good old cry is the best thing you can do to release any emotions. I attended a funeral the other week, and the family of the deceased (very close friends) all didn’t cry. To me, I found that just really intriguing as I felt like I was crying a thousand rivers over their dads passing.

But honestly what makes me cry? I’ve cried at people clapping the NHS on the telly, an advert, songs, of course films but the worst type of cry is the frustration and angry cry.

Does anyone else do this, if you’re angry or frustrated you cry? I’ve done it a work at few times, or even when im trying to win an argument and im just so pent up with frustration that I cry. It makes me feel pathetic but I honestly cannot help it.

I do believe that crying is good for the soul. Cry as much as you want, ive even bloody cried down the street before. I am just an emotional person. I can keep it in and appear cold hearted if I want to be, but I find it so difficult. I find that if I don’t have a good cry then it affects my mental health and then its a vicious circle isn’t it.

So here’s a video that has actually been made to make you cry. Lets see how long you last.


as always, remember to love you and them xo

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