When was the last time you got really angry and why?

The first, a family matter.

The last time I got seriously angry was due to a family matter last year. You know how they say blood is thicker than water, and you can’t choose your family etc etc. Well I am glad to be in 2020 and to be rid of my “aunt”. She’s not related to me by blood and only by marriage, but she’s been in my life since the start and ever since my grandad passed away in 2007 she just has been horrid. She has never wanted to help out my grandad or nan throughout their lives, she always refused to go into their homes, to see them or to invite them around for dinners etc. She lived at the time a 10 minute (if that) journey away from them both, whilst we lived near 3 hours away and saw them more than she did.

Unfortunately in 2007 my grandad passed away, and she was unhappy that she had to look after him in the last few days of his life. He told us that there is nothing we could do and demanded that we went on holiday and we did. He unfortunately passed away whilst we were on holiday. The next time we saw her was at the funeral, she point blank refused to look at us. Throughout this horrid time, we knew full well she made my uncle write these vile letters to my Dad. My poor Dad was heartbroken.

Throughout 2007 until 2019, my lovely Nan saw her a handful of times. My nan was the type of person to not say a bad word about anyone, but in the last few years of her life she kept making sly digs about her to us. She would say that she wasn’t nice to my Nan, she was not a loving daughter in law, when she rang to speak with my uncle, she would respond with short sharp answers not wanting to speak with her. My nan was the sweetest lady.

In the last few months of my nans life, we had to deal with of course this side of my family again and we as a family kept thinking “right we’ve got to get through this, once the funeral is over she is out of our lives”. When my parents went to see her in hospital, she was there and she got up and left straight away and never came back. When my parents asked my uncle what her problem was (bear in mind, we still don’t know to this day), he responded with “she just doesn’t like you, no reason”. Another time, I was looking after my nan one afternoon and the carers came over, but I had to call my uncle at home to let him know what had happened and she answered. I felt this rage over me, and I thought nope lets not be angry lets be nice. I said “hi its Catherine, can I speak with Uncle X please”, and the response I got was “oh its you, he’s not here so and I can’t pass a message on”. Her tone was horrid, so i said nicely “ok, not to worry i’ll try and get him on his mobile” and lol passive aggressively slammed the phone down. Please keep in mind, the last time I spoke to her was roughly 10 years before this or more.

The funeral came, and we all agreed as a family that we would put on this front and if she wanted to say hi then we would say hi but if she kicked up, boy we would argue. Turns out she arrives at my nans house, walks past us all and stays in the garden the entire time refusing to acknowledge any of us. That was the last I saw of her, and all I can say is now: FUCK OFF ABSOLUTELY FUCK OFF.

The second time, at uni.

Don’t worry the second time is much shorter, as I feel like the above was slightly needed for my mental health. The second happened at uni, where I was living with two other girls and boys. Two of them were dating, and the girl in the couple is my best friend.

The boy, and I shall call him a boy as he is NOT a man, was mentally abusive to her. He would call her names, bang on her door late at night calling her “fat”, “pig”, “vile”, “c*nt” etc etc. I felt scared, so I have absolutely no idea how she felt. Every day she would take up her dinner to her room to eat – I say eat, she wasn’t eating as she was bulimic. One night, she messaged me on MSN and said “Cat, i’ve done something bad, can I come in your room”. She entered my room, crying. She never cried, and her arms were covered in blood where she was self harming. I’d personally in my life never seen this before and I was absolutely shocked and called an ambulance straight away. Not only for her safety but just for everyone.

I was scared and so angry.

The next day he still kept going on, slagging her off behind her back and she just wasn’t saying anything. I started to feel physically sick around him, I thought he was absolutely venomous and I hated him. So I retaliated. I shouted, I shouted so loud at him, I told him exactly what I thought of him, I told him what a vile human he was, I told him he is absolutely worthless. Each day after that everytime he did something against her, I argued back. I hate arguing but there’s absolutely no way a man can do that to any woman.

I watched as the other flatmates did absolutely sweet fuck all. I couldn’t stand it. No human should ever make another feel so small inside.

What makes you angry?

as always, remember to love you and them xo

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