My 2020 happy moments

This year, I thought I would get back into adding my happy moments into my positive jar. I did this a while back and really enjoyed when I opened it up again at the end of the year. I thought now more than ever, I need a bit more positive in my life.

My happy jar

Here’s a picture of it three quarters throughout the year and they’re pretty jammed in there already:

I decided to open the jar today and I thought I’d take you through some of the notes, and its also for me to remember too (mainly for me).

As you can see there are quite a lot. I was shocked that I actually wrote quite a number of posts, as I kept thinking to myself 2020 year has been a bit shit, but it doesn’t seem it in my little world, or maybe not as shit as I thought. These are in no order.

Radio 1 happy notes

  • won a bloody ARIA
  • my greg james promo got nominated for “best marketing campaign”
  • parents bought tickets to see the award show live, we were 6 rows from the front
  • my promo was on tv 3 days in a row
  • greg saw me in the audience
  • the marketing team remembered me and came up to me at the award show
  • the bbc showing the promo again – 2 in 2 hours WTF
  • attended the award show with mum
  • the promo was on after eastenders, dr who and the greatest dancer

Work happy quotes

  • becoming more confident at work
  • getting a pay rise
  • implemeted a coronavirus comms process also to be used for brexit
  • got a pay rise, yay
  • got my shit together
  • i got a new job
  • became the main point of call for libraries and waste departments during coronavirus
  • received a thank you hamper for my hard work

Family happy moments

  • finally i am able to be in a social bubble to spend time with my parents
  • i was feeling so low, and mum arrived at my door with flowers, she didn’t know how low i felt
  • we got a family car
  • yay i got to have a socially distanced walk and hug with dad
  • great weekend with my auntie and parents
  • got to have a walk with mum (socially distanced) and a hug
  • mum finally got back to work, as a christmas elf
  • andrew got into schitts creek
  • andy got a promotion
  • finally got to see andy and give him a big hug
  • andy has found an amazing new house
  • andy visitied my flat for the first time and liked it
  • andy started to learn rollerblading again
  • he’s got a new tooth now due to rollerblading accident
  • he got featured on an Andrew Lloyd Webber video
  • playing “guess where mum is” in the garden which involved many people on my facebook trying to work out where my mum is.

My personal progressions or memories

  • i’m getting there with my german
  • got really good at learning flags, keep going
  • bought my first car
  • finally did some ironing after 6 months in the flat
  • paid all my bills on time
  • clapped for the NHS and keyworkers for weeks, bought an NHS tshirt
  • dyed my hair pink and purple (well i tried)
  • saw a month old baby elephant
  • took some incredible sunset photos
  • saw two shooting stars
  • ran through the rain bare foot and loved it in a very busy car park
  • finished an amazing book in one day called “women don’t owe you pretty
  • finished “what would the spice girls do” and I loved it
  • met my neighbour’s new puppy called Mabel
  • survived a global pandemic on my own

Flat happy moments

  • signed my contract on feb 29 2020 and got my keys
  • moved in officially on march 8 2020, lockdown work from home started march 18 2020
  • met my neighbours due to a flat fire (not mine)
  • bought my dream pink fluffy rug
  • bought my first ever christmas tree
  • met another neighbour called Kat
  • I found my flat!!!!!!
  • started to look for a flat/house
  • learned to live alone and appreciate and respect myself

Social media happy moments

  • started a tiktok and loving it
  • got a response from katherine jenkins just after she sang somewhere over the rainbow, i talked to her about my nan
  • a few RT’s and likes from Jack Garratt
  • got tweeted/ rt and liked a lot by the help i sexted by boss team
  • i was featured on rosie ramsay’s instagram
  • got RT a lot by rosie and chris ramsay

Day trip moments

  • booked to go to glasgow for 6 nights (didn’t happen)
  • auntie said she will join me and mum to go to glasgow (didn’t happen)
  • went to see everybody’s talking about jamie and saw bianca del rio with andy
  • had a great 31 birthday at the zoo, even though it was the first without my nan
  • a lovely birthday meal with andy and mum in london
  • spent a day with the parents at the aerodrome – it was fun!
  • went to see magic goes wrong, it was brilliant
  • booked to see shagged married annoyed on my own (didn’t happen)

Mental health thoughts

I have made no issues in saying that I have struggled this year, as you can see i’ve gone through a bit of a personal journey but guess what…i bloomin did it. i don’t remember writing these next points and I was quite shocked as to how blunt they were. I hope they can help:

  • i am doing the best i can in a very very weird situation
  • i think i’ve lost weight, i doubt it (you haven’t cat)
  • you knew when to get out of the flat when your mental health wasn’t great, im proud of you for getting fresh air and having a cry
  • i took time off work to look after my mental health
  • i didn’t lose my shit today
  • i blocked people out of my life that gave me negative thoughts
  • i am learning to love myself as much as i can
  • finally said goodbye to people who don’t deserve to be in my life

So there you have it, that’s my 2020 journey. There were some more personal ones for me and my friends, which I didn’t want to put on here.

I hope 2021 is better for us all in so many ways.

as always, remember to love you and them xo

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