Thank you NHS

How amazing was tonight’s #clapforthenhs.

I just felt so emotional sticking my head out of the window, to hear so so so many people cheering, clapping, dogs barking, pots being banged etc. It was just amazing.

Thank you so much for all you do NHS and careworkers.

Thank you.


day two of moving out


Feeling better today, still very tired from the moving out. Really encouraged by all of the lovely messages that I have had from my friends.

Said to my mum today that I am ok about moving out but im not happy or excited, I just have no emotion for it at the moment.

Moved quite a lot of stuff into the flat now, and it is starting to feel homely. I still have a sense of “what the fuck have I done?” but I guess that will go over time… i hope.

I will probably be fully moved in by the weekend, so will see what will happen during the week.

Bring it on.

Ps – as you have noticed, the past 2 posts aren’t my usual style but just slightly reverting back to why I made this blog originally and it was to clear my mind.


Argh. Moved out.

Oh hi. So I’ve now got the keys to my flat and I’m honestly not excited. I dont know why. When I’ve told people that I’m renting they always come across like “oh only renting, you havent bought yet?”. Mate seriously. I’m also freaking the FUCK out at not being able to afford to live, damaging someone else’s property. I’m honestly not excited or happy about it all. I absolutely know I should be, but I cant snap out of this. Anyone else get like this?

Late night thoughts

Do we ever know what we truly want to do with our lives?

Are there actually people out there, that just know what they want to do and know how to get it?

I find it all so very strange.

I feel like I am sometimes absolutely not adult enough in this world to do things, and I just have no idea what to do.

Quite a few people come to me for advice, but at the end of the day I feel that people should be giving me advice.

How can I preach about this and that when I haven’t experienced it? How can I advise you to do this and that in your relationship when I am not in one myself?

How can you move out of your family home, when the rent is so high for someone to live on their own?

It’s 1am and I am having all of these thoughts.