Where is my happy place?

My happy place

I saw a theme on instagram tonight about the 7 questions you should ask someone, if you really want to get to know them and I thought ooh this would be a good thing to get back into blogging.

First of all, can I say what the hell has wordpress done with this blocking thing. Anyway back to the premise of this post. Where or what is my happy place?

When I think of a happy place, I don’t really think of a physical place, I have so many memories that are running through my mind. I am the type of person to live in the past, which can be such a detrimental thing but hey that’s me.

My happy “place” is my memories, which can be:

  • laughing a lot around my Nan’s house, especially that time when we were all watching the TV and she was sat in her chair. But ever so slowly her chair was rising and she didnt realise she was sat on the remote. Howling of laughter at the time.
  • watching Fawlty Towers with my other Nan and she is absolutely laughing at the jokes.
  • holding my best friends babies for the first time.
  • so many day trips out with my family and just making so many memories on various holidays.

I mean, honestly I could go on but what i’ve learn is that although you may think your happy place is somewhere, sometimes your happy place is the memories that you hold so dearly to your heart.

Hopefully i’ll continue with the rest of the questions!! I am just super busy with work at the moment, cheers covid and i’ll be starting a new job soon so its just manic.


as always, remember to love you and them xo

All I want.

  • Is to lose weight.
  • Gain hair on my head.
  • Lose hair elsewhere.

I fucking hate pcos. I’m so fed up. But I dont wanna cry, but I do wanna cry.

Hate it. So fucking degrading.

It’s got worse in the past year, rapidly.

A letter that empowers me and makes me cry…

Here's to strong women

Hey all,

When I first moved into my flat back in March, I had so many emotions and I still do. I am still finding it hard to process, still trying to juggle financially (hopefully I am getting better) and I am trying to make it all okay for me.

At the start of the whole moving in and then into lockdown, I received a lovely letter from my auntie. I had hid it away until last week, as it caused me to cry a lot and I brought it out again this weekend as she came to visit. She was there when me and my mum were picking out curtains, choosing the rugs, the pillows etc so she has been on this journey with me. Continue reading “A letter that empowers me and makes me cry…”

5 places I want to visit

Copy of What I have learnt about myself during lockdown (1)

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well and safe. This blog post is about the 5 places that I want to visit. Fo years, I wanted to visit Glasgow – it’s where my Nan and Grampa were from and so many generations before that. I went last year and I loved it so much, I honestly did not want to leave, it felt like home. It’s odd to think that I was supposed to be going to Glasgow at the end of the month again and now I will wait until next year to visit it. Glasgow.

I am not really a “traveller” as such as I enjoy a lot of home comforts, but I thought I’d list out the areas I would love to go one day (in no order):


sydney opera house australia
Photo by Simon Clayton on Pexels.com

I feel like Australia seems to be a mystical land, full of relaxation, hope and just happiness. Quite a few of my friends have visited and have moved out over there. I feel that to me it seems mad how far away it is, how different but also so similar our cultures are. I am not a huge fan of all of the bugs and deadly animals that they have over there, but the amount of photos I have seen of the country, it just seems stunning.


city view photography
Photo by David Skyrius on Pexels.com

Another country where I feel that there is a relaxed atmosphere about it is Sweden. It seems that there are so many positives in living in Sweden, including the culture of the country also seemingly laid back and chilled. It may not be the case, but that’s my perception of it. I have also heard that they have amazing winters and summers, so it really doesn’t matter when you go.

New York

high angle view of cityscape against cloudy sky
Photo by Quintin Gellar on Pexels.com

This one is such a cliche I know! But the idea of New York just amazes me, like is it really like a movie set all the time? Are buildings so on top of each other? Does smoke really come up from the ground? Why does everyone find New York amazing? I would love to go there just the once maybe up to 5 days to experience the madness, but also to visit Central Park and see hopefully the tranquillity of it.


Photo by Troy Squillaci on Pexels.com

If you were to ask little Cat as to where she wanted her honeymoon to be, or which destination she would want to go on holiday, it will always be Hawaii. I have no idea why, but just the thought of it makes me smile so much. The beautiful beaches, the gorgeous landscapes and it just seems so super friendly.


blue and green sky and mountain
Photo by Benjamin Suter on Pexels.com

As much as the idea of the above countries sounds lush, I am not that much of a sun lover. So the idea of Iceland is just right up my street. One of the main reasons I would love to go to Iceland is of course the Northern Lights. My favourite thing ever are the stars and to be able to see the Northern Lights would be just magical in my eyes.  The country also has the most amazing landscapes from national parks, falls to lagoons just beautiful!

So where would your top 5 destinations be? What draws you to them?





Who inspires me

What I have learnt about myself during lockdown (5)

I think the people that inspire me are those that of course that are in my family but those that are in my circle of friends.

But to me people who are inspiring are those that have courage, those that have the strength and know themselves.

Those that flee negativity, those that keep positive no matter what, and those that bring happiness to others.

I feel that over this lovely lockdown we have really all seen so many inspirational people in the world. To me, my friends who work for the NHS and are carers will always be angels in my eyes, they deserve all the best that they can get.

Who inspires you?