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Day 3 – life is boring without…

Hey hey hey it’s day 3!!

I love the idea of this blog post but I’ve had to really bring down the ideas as to what I can write about lol.

Life is a great thing sometimes but as the song goes “life’s a bit of shit when you look at it”, but this won’t be the angle I go for today. There are so many reasons for looking at life in a positive way so I thought I would just bullet point some of my faves.

So, life would be boring without:

  • Laughter
  • Friends and family
  • Love
  • Pets
  • Music
  • Tv
  • Film
  • Money
  • Alcohol

Standard, but how about “life would be boring without…”:

  • The feeling of grass on your bare feet
  • The crunch of the first autumn leaf
  • The singing birds in the morning
  • The smell of rain after a really hot day
  • The feeling on that first step into deep snow
  • Glitter
  • Candy floss
  • A child giving you a hug saying they love you
  • Unicorns
  • Stretching out in bed after a long day
  • Makeup
  • Cute baby pandas and elephants and orangutans or just any small animal
  • Colours
  • Dressing gowns
  • A good cup of tea and a book
  • Imagination
  • When you actually wear matching underwear
  • Swearing, I can’t imagine it without lol
  • Emojis
  • A camera to take photos of those perfect moments
  • Someone to talk to
  • Confetti
  • Winning an argument you know you’re right
  • That feeling on the loo when you’re pissed and you are like “how did I get here?”
  • Doughnuts
  • Confidence
  • The first dip in the pool when you’re really hot
  • Happiness
  • Doing teddy bear rolls in the grass
  • Booping a dog’s nose
  • Your favourite pair of underwear
  • Innuendos
  • The feeling of how amazing your legs look in high heels
  • Variety in languages
  • A hot water bottle on a cold day
  • Finding the perfect lipstick
  • Freshly shaved legs on bed sheets lol!!
  • A hot man/woman walking past with the most amazing perfume/aftershave
  • Passion for something you love
  • Running away from the waves on the beach
  • Fun fair rides such as rollercoasters
  • Trying something new for the first time

That’s only some of my list, what do you think I have missed out?

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Day 2 – what do you look forward to in the future?

Day 2 of the blogging challenge and I just want to say thanks for all of the love of my first post.

I’m writing this post the night before as tomorrow will be super busy for me. Tomorrow I am going to my Uni town to walk about and hopefully surprise my nan (if I have enough money!!).

Anyway back to the post, the future, it’s super scary right. I am definitely the type of person who likes to live in the past and the future scares the shit out of me. It scares me to the point where sometimes I don’t want to do something, in case it fucks up things in my life where I am comfortable. Does anyone else get like that?

I’m trying to get through these thoughts and think positively, so, what I am looking forward to in the future (I hope) are:

  • I look forward to living in my own place
  • I look forward to being a mum (If I can)
  • I look forward to having my own car
  • I look forward to being as happy as I can
  • I look forward to growing older with my best friends and making more memories
  • I look forward to seeing my best friends children grow and see who they become
  • I look forward to finding someone who will love me
  • I look forward to changing my outlook on the future
  • I look forward to more happy years with my family

What do you look forward to in the future? Are you the type to constantly look to the past? Why are we so scared of the future… is it just the unknown? Would you want to know what the future may bring?

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Day 1 – are you happy?

Here we go, day 1 of my 31 day challenge.

The first question I believe is one of the most important questions in life. It’s something that we cannot avoid, but we often lie when answering. No one is truly happy are they? If so I would like to meet them.

Someone will always find something negative to say about themselves probably every day, Either it’s:

  • Their weight
  • Their job
  • Their relationship status
  • How much money they have

There is always something.

But what people often forget is, what we may dislike in ourselves other people may be jealous of.

So for me, I am kind of happy. I am happier than I was years ago, but I’m unhappier with certain things in my life than I was.

Life is always going to have ups and downs, but I definitely have more ups than downs.

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National Lipstick Day

I love a bit of lippy, I mean who doesn’t!! It makes you feel super confident, gives you that extra bit of glam and often makes you stand out from the crowd.

Lipstick over the past few years I feel has evolved more than anything else. We have such a wide range now to choose from that everyone has their favourite type, whether it’s your standard shine, matte, or liquid lipstick, glitter, bright colour, dark colours – there is one for every occasion and every person.

I have written about lipstick a lot on my blog, so I thought I would compile a list of my fave posts (some being more popular that others, ssh it offends the lesser known).

Have a gander:

The Primark Super Matte Liquid Lipstick

A review about Primarks then latest range of liquid lipsticks. My ultimate fave red shade came from this range, see if you can spot it from my endless selfies lol.

Or how about:

My favourite matte liquid lipsticks

A review of my all time favourite liquid lipsticks, covering a range of brands.

Or, what about Primark’s other range:

Primark Instagirl intense liquid lipstick

Providing a review of their latest liquid lipsticks which still are amazing today!

Or, one of my original posts

Lips lips and more lips

A little post about all of the different lipsticks and lipbalms available out there on sale, and making sure you choose the best one for you.

And finally a different type of post:

Makeup vs you

A look into why we wear makeup, why we should be self confident and why we should be comfortable in our own skin.

There you have it my top posts about lipstick and feel confident.

I hope you’re wearing lipstick today, who gives two toots if you’re wearing bright blue, green, yellow or even black. Wear what you want, go and rock that beautiful red shade and feel proud!

Love always


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Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello lovelies I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine that was not intentional!, but seriously it’s lovely weather isn’t it!

The other week, gosh I am slow I know, I got lovingly tagged in a tweet by the fabulous Holly for this brilliant positive ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’, to celebrate positivity and happiness in a world where there is so much negativity.

I highly recommend you taking a look at Holly’s blog, she’s new to the blogging game so please go and give her a follow. Her blog is great, full of witty comments, useful advice and of course positivity.

Also, I freaking loved and I laughedat Holly’s description of my blog, as it’s so incredibly true “she writes as fast as I think and everything is pink” hahaha so true, I do not edit or plan my posts, I simply go with what comes out.

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Revolution Makeup – ‘Fast Base’ foundation stick a real review

Hey everyone, hope you’re well. Now, I love a new affordable makeup product and for the first time in a long time I have bought a product that has so much hype around it.

The new Revolution Makeup ‘fast base’ foundation stick, had so many good reviews on Instagram and Twitter and I honestly thought I had to give it a go.

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40 beauty question tag (revisited)

Happy New Year to you all, I hope that you had the most wonderful night, whether you were partying away in the local pub/club, slumping it up or …. tbh what else is there haha.

Last year my new years resolution was to have more glitter in my life, and I truly think that I succeeded. So, this year I’m taking the bull by the horns and going one step further where I will blog at least once a week. Fingers crossed!!

Anyway back to this post. I first did this 40 beauty question tag post 4 years ago and for some reason this blog post has become popular again, and I thought I would do it again as of course tastes change. I have changed some questions as makeup has changed in for years,  so here we go:

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My favourite matte lipsticks

I don’t know about you, but I love a bloody matte lipstick. I have never been a girl who likes a bit of shine, don’t like shine on my eyes, lips, hair (bloody oily) or anywhere else. That’s why I fell in love with matte lipsticks a long time ago.

I’m so glad that nowadays there is more variety with matte lipsticks, whether they be the normal lipstick, liquid lipstick or “gloss” stick, there’s a choice for everyone. Continue reading “My favourite matte lipsticks”