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40 beauty question tag (revisited)

Happy New Year to you all, I hope that you had the most wonderful night, whether you were partying away in the local pub/club, slumping it up or …. tbh what else is there haha.

Last year my new years resolution was to have more glitter in my life, and I truly think that I succeeded. So, this year I’m taking the bull by the horns and going one step further where I will blog at least once a week. Fingers crossed!!

Anyway back to this post. I first did this 40 beauty question tag post 4 years ago and for some reason this blog post has become popular again, and I thought I would do it again as of course tastes change. I have changed some questions as makeup has changed in for years,  so here we go:

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I am more than just my clothes size!!

821f11f5d0453ef9a0bb244d3903616eI have been putting off doing this post for a while, and each time I come from a night out or a big talk with the girls I really resist putting it online as I come away with very much heightened emotions, and to me …. I will regret reading those thoughts the next day.

I am more than just my size. I am more than just a clothes size number. I am more than just my bigger hips, stomach, chin, arms etc. I am me. I am no better or worse than anyone who is smaller or bigger than me.

These are my honest thoughts and I will not be proof reading this blog, I am going to writing from the heart.  Continue reading “I am more than just my clothes size!!”

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New Year, New Me…. blah whatever.

large (28)Happy 2016 *still a stretch to the number 6* to you all and I hope that you are all cosied up in front of the telly, regretting how much food and alcohol you have consumed over the past few weeks. I hate to say it, but…… it’s Sunday and it’s the Sunday before the first full week back from the hols; in the words of Detox:


This now means that its that time of the year, when we start to look back on 2015 and to worry about what this year will bring. It only seems like a few weeks ago that it was January 2015, but time is flying by which is scary.

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What I’ve been up to the past 2 months….

11I haven’t really blogged in about a month and a half, I have been busy but also I havent really done anything before then to think… god this is blog worthy! And I have now just looked back at the past few weeks and thought hey up girl, you have done quite a bit to be fair!

At work, I wanted to celebrate positivity (and you know how much I love a bit of positivity), so for Valentines Day I thought hey nothing is going to be done about it, so how about the staff send lovely messages to each other, whether it be ‘I like you’, ‘you make me smile’, ‘thanks for your support’. It was hugely successful, to the point people wanted it every month. I had to count and categorise all the hearts into teams and it took me aaaages haha. I did feel bad for about 5/6 people who didn’t get any 😦 So you can see all the ones I received, yay go me! Continue reading “What I’ve been up to the past 2 months….”

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Oi Mr Retailer, us girls are different sizes you know!

large (3)Now, first things first…. I am tired, I am hungry and I am tired and a tincy wincy bit miffed. I am a size 18 girl, I have gone in the past from a size 14 (I cant remember before then, I may have been a size 12 when I was younger) to a size 20. I have gone through all the different ways in which clothing is made, what feels good on me and what really doesnt. I am currently looking for a lovely show off Christmas party dress that I can wear. I wear dresses pretty much 5 days a week without a fail, I used to be one of those girls who hated them. But it could be me, as I have gotten older or “larger” (let’s be blunt now), I have wanted that extra comfort. So instead of the tshirts that finish at the waist, I bought the ones that went past my bum. I started to not wear jeans anymore, because they were slightly a bit too tight and uncomfortable, I therefore went for loose trousers/tights/leggings. As they came out, I thought I’ll try a dress and hey presto I loved it.

I know I know I know, that everyone is different sizes, that everyone is a different shape, not every girl wants to dress the same and finally that every shop has different dress sizes…….. by the way the most ridiculous rule ever. You wouldn’t have different sizes of shoes now to suit your customers would you!!

To be fair, when. I was a size 14 I felt amazing…. I would get looks from the lovely opposite sex (haha a treat nowadays!), I felt amazing in tighter clothes and the designs were a bit more brash because I wanted to show off my figure. But then chocolate came along…. uhoh. No seriously I did get rather ill and I am a comfort eater, but my weight does fluctuate.

So currently at the moment, we have this lovely song in the charts:

*go on have a little wiggle wiggle and a sing – click on here*


And in my eyes its not about celebrating being a bigger girl, its about celebrating being a woman… but thats another story. I am fed up of finding the perfect clothes in shops and you automatically go to the back of the rail, in the depths of the darkness to find your size… OR NOT!! Most of the time its sizes 6-14, sometimes even a bloody 2. Who’s a 2, I would like to meet you, maybe we could exchange some…. body fat? lol! no no wrong wrong.

I know that this post can go the complete and opposite way, of course I do. With the beautiful smaller girls saying that “men love their curves” and “men don’t love bones” … hate that phrase yuck! Men / Girls love all shapes and sizes… otherwise this world would be bloody boring. I am sure that a lot of issues for the “smaller” girls are the same too, not finding the right clothing, the shaping, the length.. I dont know. I cant vouch for your thoughts, as I have never been there – therefore I definitely don’t want to make presumptions. But I know that no girl should be made to feel that they are the better or worse weight/size

But what really gets me, is what used to be my favourite ever shop in the world. I would forever be buying my clothes from here, and im guessing if this was seen then they may not want me back.. 😦 oh well.

New Look. 

There you go I said it. I am now a Primark, Dorothy Perkins and Select Girl. These three stores not only do they cater for the larger girls ALL AROUND THE STORE and not just in the most tiniest little area secluded off from the rest of the store, but they also stock all of their clothing from sizes 6-20+, where every size can wear the same clothing…

Seriously New Look how hard is that to do? I am forever going through the rails of their stores, then finding out that they stop at 16. So yet again, having to embarrass myself (as the shop keep moving the section and making it smaller each time I go in there) – ‘Where is the Inspired Range?’. In which one time, an employer said ‘Oh its that tiny little section at the back, there’s not much there’……………. FML.

So therefore the only other option is to go online.

I would like to just show you a comparison as to the different designs / looks / shapes and the way it is design on their website, between the Inspire range and the Standard:



I understand that some lovely ladies out there would want to show off their bodies, I understand that some girls want to hide their lumps and bumps, but to put pretty much every design (and yes this is just a snapshot!!) in a tunic dress or a skater dress is just a bit ridiculous. When they are pinched in at the waist, it of course is going to float out around the waist therefore making you look bigger. The colours especially on the top layer are so in your fact, compared to the left hand side of the dresses. 

Dear Mr Retailer, maybe we want to

– not hide our arms

– put a panel around our waist, we want to show that off!

– not wear darker shades of clothes

– pay an extra fiver for the extra size…….. not.

– try different fabrics

– show a bit of cleavage (noticed that its all high necks now)

I don’t know maybe its just me.

Of course they’re not the only store that does it, but its the one that keeps popping out at me. Oh and finally, if you are going to use models to show off your dresses – chose someone actually realistic. Someone with a double chin, someone with big boobs and with a bit of a belly. Not someone who is a Plus Size Model – aka 14 in the modelling books.

I think i’ll go to sleep now. All I will say is, where whatever you want to wear, it’s your body, do as you wish, wear what you wish, if you feel comfortable go for it, what does it matter that someone stares… you never know what they may be thinking. Plus its 10 seconds of their life of thinking a potentially mean comment, but if you are feeling fabulous and sexy, whats 10 seconds in your life.


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Judge Judge Body Image Judge Judge – Be You.

bodyimageWe all have hang ups, we all have body confident days and we are all judge every single day. No matter what you think we are all being judged and we judge others as well, as much as you try not too – you may judge to be positive or negative. Now my favourite song at the moment is Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass, which celebrates being “curvy” and being body confident. I know as a “curvy/fuller figured” girl that I was highly pissed off on X Factor, when a thinner girl with killer abs was singing the lyrics. But only because I am proud to have a “bit of meat” on me. It did get me thinking, there are so many photos that say “curvy is what the man wants”, curves etc are all a man needs……… but seriously ladies – be you, be proud of who you are and don’t aim to change your body for a man, or a girl hehe.

I logged onto Facebook earlier and saw my best friend had posted this status and I was like You go girl. She is the opposite to me, has the most (in my eyes) the amazing figure. She said this:

“So apparently a ‘real woman’ supposedly according to much of society is a lady who is curvaceous and of a larger size? What about those who may be smaller than the national average clothes size of 12/14 does that make us not ‘real women?’ Not considered as feminine because we may be lacking in a few extra pounds? No we are all women whether you’re big, small, round or tall. I’m all for equality and acceptance no matter of your appearance and embracing our inner beauty and confidence because that’s what it’s all about, but we’re still not there yet. Since when is it ok for larger girls to make smaller girls feel inferior by referring to them in such a belittling context, because I guarantee you if a parade of skinny girls sauntered about declaring themselves as ‘real women’ and celebrating their smaller frame over other sizes there would be uproar! It’s wrong we are all women together and should never make one size seem more or less than another. And as for that song ‘all about that bass’ it is not ok to refer to people as ‘skinny bitches!’ It is no different to calling people ‘fat bitches’ both are so wrong. Celebrate all sizes without needing to single out or put down a certain appearance in the process and claiming its shameful to look that way. We are ALL beautiful majestic and mysterious creatures. Rock on bitches ‪#‎spreadkindnessnotjudgement‬

I just thought, wow that is so true. Who am I to think that because the media represent girls having the perfect figure with curves etc that is what the person that I desire wants. Who am I to judge another girl in having a “bigger body” or be jealous of a “thinner body”. Imagine if we were all the same, imagine if we all were bigger girls or smaller girls. That would be absolutely boring and dull. Everyone has tastes, whether it be you like a blonde person, brunette, auburn, red hair, white hair, black skin, asian, indian, black,covered in tattoos, piercings, short, tall etc….. in the end……………. we all shit, cry, are sick, blink and breathe together. Hahaha!!

I know full well that I judge girls and I absolutely shouldnt, I should feel comfortable in my own skin. But I believe that it is also jealousy, I am jealous that they have their figure, that hair, those boobs etc – but at the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with me. I am not unwell, I can walk, talk, see, hear, breathe… I am now changing my perspective to – ‘as long as I am happy, who gives a shit as to what I look like, the people that care are going to stay and the people that don’t, they’re not worth your time’

I saw Zoella and Louise speak about this previously and to put it into perspective, I am Louise and my friend is Zoe. LOL and I could absolutely see what they were talking about. Have a look at this – click on the photo 🙂


Anyway after such a shit day, I found this photo and I thought I had to share it because it’s just so true. I have previously spoken about this topic before and you can read about this here  and a girl power post.


Finally my friend had mentioned previously the “kind campaign”. Please have a look at their website, it’s all about girls being kind to each other especially at school, because its one of the toughest times for a girl, the hormones, the fake friends, the bullies and of course peer pressure. Here’s their website.  It’s also a great website to gain information and background for help on feeling great and having that confidence. 

Let’s stick together girls.


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Shopping Haul & a rant about clothes shops #fbloggers #bbloggers

IMG_20140625_191457Helloooooo, how are you are you well and smiling today. I hope you are because its bloody miserable outside, I was awoken at 9:20 this morning by the biggest clap of thunder I had ever heard and no more thunder after that. Anyway as its payday week and I have not had a lot of time to go shopping I thought I had to go today. As tonight I have a girls night out, I needed something to wear and woohoo I could not find one single thing – BUT I did find other things 🙂

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