Breathe, relax and chill – pause your anxiety

wordswag_1492549933885Every once in awhile, we just really need to sit back, relax and take our mind elsewhere.

I definitely have those moments and still have them, where I just need to walk away. I do it at work, when I am stressed I take 5 minutes and just stand outside, look up at the sky and remember how minuscule you are in this small world of ours. I think in this quick paced environment we live in nowadays, where anyone can contact you with a press of a button, we do need to take time out for ourselves.

You will see at the top of my blog there is the menu section, if you’re ever feeling this way and just need to chill, click on the link “Chill out zone”.

Here within this little space of heaven are a number of links that I have found over the years that have really helped me relax. Anxiety attacks are bloody awful, I know. But we only have 1 body, we need to learn to love it more.

  • Quiet place – take a few minutes out, no music, no distractions and just focus on what you can see
  • Rainy mood – I freaking love the sound of rain, so this always chills me out
  • Do nothing for 2 minutes – what is says on the tin, please just use this if you need a quick fix. But if you don’t do what it says, it’ll take longer, just relax and go with it. It works
  • The thoughts room – don’t know what to do with your thoughts, put them here
  • Intotime – a relaxing interactive colour website
  • Silk – have a play with some interactive silk
  • Have a hug day – the happiest link on earth, do you want a hug? let strangers all over the world give you the biggest hug you deserve
  • Liquid particles – what it says on the tin, go and play
  • Stress analyst – see how it can help you!
  • Cat noises – meow – for those who feel like they need a cat purring in their life
  • Mind UK – a great charity, available for you to talk to
  • Young minds – a charity for children and adolescents

I am updating it often, and I try to make sure that they all still work haha!

Go and have a look, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know 🙂



It’s okay to cry you know… it’s okay.

As it is world mental health awareness week I have been amazed by all of those supporting this magical day. Many who feel that they cannot talk to someone I truly hope that they feel that they can reach out. 

We are all human, sometimes we need to take a step back and just think to yourself YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Continue reading “It’s okay to cry you know… it’s okay.”

Warm, comforting and the best remedy for chronic pain – the yuyu bottle

So if you don’t already know I suffer from a chronic and invisible illness called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome…..which I’ve spoken about previously and it’s recently getting worse.

Due to this pain in my veins, I find it very hard to find a medication that will work and luckily heat helps me and relaxes me.

Today I was driving home and I could feel my arm was becoming increasingly weak, my pulse was going all over the place and I couldn’t breathe. Pain was going down all of my left arm and I just pulled over and cried.

I got home as quickly as I could, took my make up off, got in my pj’s and I know it’s the middle of summer but I had to get my yuyu bottle.

Last Christmas my parents bought me the most amazing present that anyone I think with a chronic illness should have.

The yu yu bottle.

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I can and I will.

f6e988fb08f9d000222dfe7d7b37d03dHello all!

Happy 1st of July, I know…. I can’t believe it either!

Anyway, I had some good news yesterday and it was kind of a little accomplishment for myself. Now, if you follow my blog you may know that I have a few medical issues and with one of them being thoracic outlet syndrome and my shoulder complications.

Just a quick rerun for those who don’t know.

Back in 2008 I fell down a hill, triggered off a medical condition I didnt know I had. TOS is a condition where the blood vessels/nerves are trapped in your neck/shoulder area by muscle and potentially a spare rib. With this, my arm would go purple, very heavy and I would have no pulse going to my arm at all. I have had surgery to relieve this situation, but its not curable.

Roll on 8 years later, I have been to a&e 5 times since with the condition coming back. Going back and forth with 4 consultants (as each of them admitted they had no idea what to do with me) and I was referred to a physiotherapist.

Want to read more about my condition?, I wrote a blog post about it. 

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I am happy.

9641792f071aedfb52d4aa5fd7e6c06fIsn’t it weird how sometimes you really just have to take a step back, breathe, think about things and think “fuck it move on”.

1 month today my life changed.

I have been in a new job for the past month now and literally each day I have not come back home once with an unhappy face, I am not stressed and weirdly enough I really don’t mind going to work…. It’s such a strange feeling.

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