My Little Box – love them!!!! part 1

Hi readers, as you may or may not know I was looking for monthly subscription boxes to buy and I have subscribed to two of them. One I have already commented on which is the lovely Birchbox >> see here for the post << and I totally forgot at the same time I also ordered from My Little BoxΒ Β and I will say it now…….. I am in love.

I do love the Birchbox … boxes lol but the My Little Boxes are just absolutely adorable and just so me!!! I was having an awful day, let’s just say never take your phone to the toilet with you *sighs stupid me!!* and I came back from visiting my Nan who hasnt been very well lately and I was given TWO YES TWO boxes – thank you post delay! I just couldn’t wait to open it.

I thought I would go through them individually on two different posts πŸ™‚

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Happy Make Up Beauty Times


So I am currently going through a phase of trying to eat healthy, I mean I am not that mad on bad food but I am trying to make more of an effort. My favourite food at the moment to eat is Wheatabix, especially with fruit. Lush. PS what the hell is going on with this strawberry, have they been picked from the film “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs”??

My skin at the moment is awful, I mean its the worst its been in years. I believe that its stress and lack of sleep at the moment, so I am trying ways in which to maybe help my skin…. you never know. IF you do have any tips, let me know πŸ™‚

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I love Nail Art – #bbloggers

13As you know, well if you don’t know… I LOVE bit of nail art and if you havent seen my previous post >>> here <<< I am not in no way an expert, and I just like to experiment. I have so many nail varnishes its not good, hello and goodbye car and flat haha! I thought I would show you what I have been up to. The colours above I freaking loved!!! The white is a pearl colour from ciate (which is from their 2014 advent calender, I bought for a much cheaper price in TK MAXX!) and the green is actually a Rimmel one from Poundland πŸ™‚ Continue reading “I love Nail Art – #bbloggers”

I love a bit of Nail Art #bbloggers

As you may be able to tell, I have not updated my blog in over a month. I kinda took a huge Christmas break from it, I had lots of things to write about but I kinda just did not want to do it. Yeah sorry about that! But, I thought hang on New Year, I used to LOVE blogging. It can be tough, but hey!

One of my ultimate favourite things to do is to paint my nails, I have previously done a post about this before >> have a look here << But over the christmas period, I believe that I changed my nails about 3/4 times a week. It got to the point people were asking what my nails looked like today at work.

I thought I would share them with you. Just like to let you know, I am not amazing at them, I am challenging myself more each time. πŸ™‚ IF you do wish to follow them, you will see them pop up on Instagram under different tags lol.


My first is this beautiful hyper shine of Ted Baker coral. One of my favourite colours there are, it’s so summer filled and its so shiny as well! I love having a different ring finger (you’ll see this throughout the post!). Having gold and pink together, along with the white contrasts amazing with the pink.


Gold and pink seemed to have been a theme I went through. The Maybelline Colour Show is one of my favourite glitter nail varnishes, it stays on for days, has the most amazing shine. I used 3 different shades of pink offered by MUA. The middle finger is a gold shade.

IMG_20141110_000932These are my personal favourites. The nail varnish is actually from Poundland, in a deep red. I of course have included a matte finish to it and alongside this, I have used the glitter from the brilliant, seriously brilliant polish of Maybelline Colour Show in Rose Chic (seriously it’s the best thing ever!!)

IMG_20141114_013125Not one of my favourites, but it appears that a lot of people liked it on Instagram haha. Barry M in a brown/nude shade, matte finish alongside the rose chic gold in the chevron space.

IMG_20141117_012604I was so bored of the gloomy weather, that I thought I would sundeck out my nails. Full of pastel shades from many different nail varnishes. Always good to do this using your normal handwriting hand, until you have to do it on the other hand and it all goes tits up.

IMG_20141121_140008I kinda went a bit glitter mad…………………. not keen. Didnt last long, plus the ring finger really smudged here 😦

IMG_20141122_005229Barry M in lilac is my favourite go to nail polish. It never fails and it always brightens up my day when I put it on. Again I have used the lovely gold nail varnish, just to add some snazz to it all. hehe.

IMG_20141127_012825Another Poundland nailvarnish, it’s amazing how bright this is. I used a nail varnish techniques brush to add the black slashes onto the nails. Each nail as a contrasting blue/green alongside the black dots.

IMG_20141129_190300These are my mum’s nails haha! Simple Revlon matte red nails, very similar to the dark red ones before. She requested to be like those.


White nail varnish, alongside Rimmel Pop Art that was on sale. Unfortunately the Rimmel polish, I had to apply about 4 times in order to get all of the dots on. I also added glitter as well.


The black nail varnish is Poundland, literally needing 1 coat online. A gold chevron design with the Barry M lilac wedding ring finger πŸ™‚

IMG_20141206_175939I seem to love a bit of purple, and I thought I would try and contrast in designs and shades. I love the idea of the white dot at the top of the chevron gold design, just brings your eye towards the line.

IMG_20141208_175500Wayhey its Christmas time!! haha, no explanation here either hehe. Ho ho ho.

IMG_20141210_004440Buzz Buzz Buzz. The black dots link between the flower and the bee…. follow that line hehe.

IMG_20141212_010612I love this shade of nail varnish, there is no top coat on this and you can see how shiny this blue shade is. I have of course added glitter.

IMG_20141215_020824Yay back to my rose chic glitter nail varnish. I love pink and I am a girly girl. It’s a great feeling to look down and think yay I did this!


I am really not keen on red πŸ™‚ But this is a glittery pinky/red, I do think that this lasted for a few hours. Again gold glitter.

IMG_20141225_235151I freaking LOVED how bright this design was, just like the blue sweep earlier. This is a bright pink polish from Primark, alongside the white varnish. I love my thumb on this one!

IMG_20141228_184351I maaaaaaaaaay or may not have been looking at wedding designs on Pinterest and this was an idea that I had. Matte white and gold nails ❀

I found the most amazing thing in TK Maxx, look at all of this and I got it for just over Β£20, therefore I thought I would try them out hehe. Here we go!:



I LOVE how wedding based this is. hehe. I love the idea of the added pearls on the thumb and wedding finger, the confetti within the nail varnish and it just looks like snow. So delicate.

IMG_20141231_003045I will be honest, I was trying out different things with this particular photo. They all came off within 15 minutes, as I thought it was too much. As you can see there are many different designs. Weirdly got quite a few likes on Instagram.

IMG_20141231_003306A dark orange and black shaded nail varnish. Made me want a Terrys Chocolate Orange though haha!!

IMG_20150106_005348New Year New Me. Matted multicoloured dots πŸ™‚

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThese are my nails currently.

So there you go, all of my nails over the past 3 weeks. What do you think?